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[BD56]Delta8/D8/9/10/CBD/THC Extracts/ THCO/HHC/THC-A/Live resin/rosin/liquid dimond 1-3ml disposable

[BD56]Delta8/D8/9/10/CBD/THC Extracts/ THCO/HHC/THC-A/Live resin/rosin/liquid dimond 1-3ml disposable

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● BD56: 1-3ml disposable, equipped with preheating button.
● 1-3ml capacity, 360mah battery, center rod made of 316L stainless steel, very safe.
● Mouthpiece style: flat mouth
●Material: PC+PCTG+metal
● Center column: stainless steel
●Battery capacity: 360mAh
● Size: 97.2mm*18mm*15.10mm
● Oil inlet size: 4 oil inlets, 1.8mm or can be customized
● Charging interface: Type-C
● Filling method: bottom filling
● Compliance: CE, RoHS.


The fourth generation electronic cigarette atomizer device uses advanced technology to simulate the combustion process and release smoke. These new devices focus more on quality and performance than traditional e-cigarettes. They usually consist of a main unit with a heating coil and e-liquid storage compartment, and a replaceable atomizer head. This design allows users to choose different flavors of e-liquid according to their preferences and maintain continuous use of the device.

The so-called C-port charging refers to the use of a charging interface standard to provide a safer charging method for our e-cigarette devices. This charging interface has the advantages of fast charging, high efficiency and durability, allowing users to charge more conveniently and reduce the worry of battery exhaustion. In addition, due to the reliability and durability of the C port, the damage rate of the charging head and charging cable is reduced, saving users more money.


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