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[BD55]Delta8/D8/9/10/CBD/THC Extracts/ THCO/HHC/THC-A/Live Resin/Rosin/Liquid Dimond 2-4ml Pod Disposable

[BD55]Delta8/D8/9/10/CBD/THC Extracts/ THCO/HHC/THC-A/Live Resin/Rosin/Liquid Dimond 2-4ml Pod Disposable

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● BD55: 3-5ml disposable, equipped with preheating button.
● 2-4ml capacity, 310mah battery, center rod made of 316L stainless steel, very safe.
● Mouthpiece style: flat mouth
●Material: PC+PCTG+metal
● Center column: stainless steel
●Battery capacity: 310mAh
● Size: 77mm*40.7mm*16.6mm
● Oil inlet size: 4 oil inlets, 1.8mm or can be customized
● Charging interface: Type-C
● Filling method: bottom filling
● Compliance: CE, RoHS.


The fourth generation spray core is an important technological innovation in the field of electronic cigarette devices. Not only does it improve the quality and experience of smoke, it also reduces the impact on the environment. In the future, the fourth-generation spray core is expected to continue to innovate and optimize, thereby bringing a more excellent smoking experience to e-cigarette users.

Type-C interface e-cigarette equipment has better convenience and future trends. Its dynamic function expansion and intelligent operation will bring users a more convenient experience. As the choice of a new generation of e-cigarette equipment, Type-C interface e-cigarette equipment will undoubtedly occupy a more important position in future development.


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