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[BD39] Delta8/D8/9/10/CBD/THC extract/THCO/HHC/THC-A/active resin/rosin/liquid diamond 1/2ml disposable

Delta 8/D8/9/10/CBD/THC/THCO/HHC 1/2 Gram Disposable.
[*The water tank can be replaced after use. ]

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BD39: 1/2ml disposable,it is equipped with a preheat button.

● It has standard 1/2ml capacity and 350mah Battery And the center rod is 316L stainless steel, it's very safe.
● With the preheat button
● Mouthpiece Style: Flat
● Tank Window: Like a shark
● Material: PC+PCTG+Metal
● Center Post: Stainless Steel
● Battery Capacity: 310mAh
● Battery Size: 105.42*21.1*10.6mm
● Pod Size: 48.55*20mm
● Intake Aperture Size: 4 Oil Inlets, 1.7mm or customizable
● Charge Port: Type-C
● Filling: Top filling
● Compliance: CE, RoHS.

A window in balance with the body,Make the whole device seamless.

The large viewing window makes the oil appear more realistic and valuable.

The iconic window of thc distinguishes them from electronic cigarettes, which also helps consumers to distinguish.


BOSHANG x Chinese Academy of Siciences

The Kucoil - a revolutionary fourth-generation microporous ceramic coil developed through a collaboration between Boshang and the prestigious Chinese Academy of Sciences. This innovative ceramic heating coil is crafted with utmost precision and has undergone thorough molecular structure analysis of THC and CBD.

The Kucoil elevates the atomization process to new heights, ensuring unrivaled efficiency in oil vaporization. Experience a fuller and more immersive vapor production as the oil is atomized with unparalleled consistency. Furthermore, indulge in a purer and more refined flavor profile, enhancing the overall enjoyment of your vaping experience.

Shark-like design

Snap-on design like JUUL

simple and convenient

This design will have an ultra-low failure rate. Replaceable pods require stricter use frequency standards, because it may be used for a long time, which is different from disposable.


Type-c charging

Equipped with the most popular type-c charging port, more stable and faster.

It can be also used for type-c to type-c charging cable.

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