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[BD36]Delta8/D8/9/10/CBD/THC Extracts/ THCO/HHC/THC-A/Live resin/rosin/liquid dimond 2/3/4/5ml disposable


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2-5ml Full Of Functions

● BD36: 2-5ml disposable, equipped with preheating button.
● 2-5ml capacity, 350mah battery, center rod made of 316L stainless steel, very safe.
● Mouthpiece style: round mouth
●Material: PC+PCTG+metal
● Center column: stainless steel
●Battery capacity: 350mAh
● Size: 64.95*33.46*14.96mm
● Oil inlet size: 4 oil inlets, 1.8mm or can be customized
● Charging interface: Type-C
● Filling method: bottom filling
● Compliance: CE, RoHS.


The fourth generation atomizer core: Take your e-cigarette experience to the next level

One of the most eye-catching aspects of the fourth generation atomizer core is its appearance. This advanced component features a sleek, modern exterior design that adds style and functionality to your vaping device. Its exquisite design not only enhances the overall aesthetics of the e-cigarette, but also provides a more seamless vaping experience.


But it's not just about looks. The fourth-generation atomizer core has superior performance, taking your smoking experience to the next level. With improved airflow and advanced heating technology, this coil ensures smoother, more consistent puffs every time. Gone are the days of coils burning or heating unevenly, as this latest innovation guarantees optimal heat distribution for a truly satisfying vape.


Custom Color Schemes: Add a Personal Touch to Your Products

Expressing yourself through a custom color scheme means more than just looks. It can also develop a sense of ownership and pride in your vaping. Just like creating a signature accessory, customizing your device allows you to create something truly unique. Imagine holding an e-cigarette that reflects your personal tastes, interests and lifestyle. It's not just a vaping tool; it becomes an extension of your identity.

Type-C Interface: A Modern Solution for All Your Connectivity Needs

One of the significant benefits of e-cigarettes using Type-C interface is its fast charging capability. With traditional charging methods, you might have to wait several hours for your device to fully charge. However, the Type-C interface can charge quickly, greatly shortening the charging time. This means you can quickly charge your device and get back to enjoying your vaping experience in no time.


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