Ziip Pods Review: 3rd Party E-Liquid Pods for the Juul

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By Thanush Poulsen

Updated: September 28, 2020

Rating: 95/100



Starting price:

Ziip Pod is an e-liquid cartridge,

. Compared with Juul, compared with the 0.7mL juice contained in Juul pods, their juice content is slightly higher at 1mL. They have different flavors: tobacco, mint, cappuccino, mango, watermelon, strawberry milk and so on.

These cartridges are very easy to use (use with Juul). Just put it in Juul's battery to start smoking. Since Juul will be used with them, it has no buttons to operate-it has a pull activation mechanism that works by inhalation. Ziip pods are cheaper than Juul pods.

For pods that contain 1mL of juice, Ziip pods are a good choice-the retail price is $10.99 per pack, which contains 4 pods. They offer a variety of flavors for you to choose from, including: mango, strawberry milk. Watermelon, mint, tobacco, cappuccino, ice orange, ice pina colada, ice watermelon, ice orange, ice blueberry, ice strawberry, ice pineapple and ice mango.

The Ziip pod is also very suitable for vape, in fact it is more suitable for Juul. Because they are larger, this seems to be Juul's only problem when it comes to sub-par hits and medium fires. The flavor characteristics are clean, and the flavor characteristics are easy to identify.

You will definitely get a decent taste when you use it, and you can have more choices for less money, which makes some people go back to these pods time and time again. This may be because these pods are a bit cheaper than Juul pods, so if you are tired of the overspending of Juul cartridges, they can provide excellent value for money.

When using ink cartridges, you may encounter a potential problem, that is, they do not have certain potential problems.

In them. In this way, you may draw too hard, but you will still be hit.

The taste is also very subjective, but the taste is good enough because the taste you hit is great. Their taste is exactly the same. We don't think people will be disappointed by their taste and performance. If you use Juul and want other flavors other than those provided by Juul, these cartridges will be your best choice. And because they are specifically designed for Juul, they won't encounter compatibility issues.

Each pack contains 4 different flavors of pods. Each pod contains 1mL

. They provide an extra 1.2ml of nicotine salt e-juice for every 4 packs.

Although the VG percentage cannot be found online, we guess that it is the same as Juul's percentage, which is 60 VG and 30 VG.

They are easy to use, just snap them into the Juul device to use. It works in the same way as Juul pods.

The manufacturer recommends not to perform a refill operation, just like refilling a Jull pod.

Ziip pod, like Juul, uses the same type of rubber that is parked inside, and the bottle cap pops out in the same way. However, the top hat is difficult to get off the car. Therefore, after refilling, the pods are likely to leak.

To make these pods last longer, do not pull the liner too tightly, because every time you pull it out, some bubbles will pop up, which is the cause of the leak. In addition, don’t hit it like a pipe or smoke. You must give it a few seconds (approximately 10 seconds) for the wick to re-absorb, if not, it will burn the cartridge very quickly.

It can be purchased from Ziip's online store ziiptock.com/collections/zip-pods and other websites. It can also be purchased at official retailers and physical stores.

Ziip's pod series provide more flavor than Juul's meager selection. Although the flavor profile of Juul pods has improved slightly, the Ziip cartridges are still outstanding.

There is not much difference, and they all taste very good. There are not many problems when using Ziip products, and some people even have more problems with proper Juul.

Just like Ziip pods, Eonsmoke contains 1 mL of liquid and is available in two nicotine concentrations. The price of a pack of four is almost similar to the price of Ziip pods.

They also offer a variety of flavor options, including mango sorbet, guava nectar, black cherry, coffee grounds and tobacco. They are one of the most popular disposable pod flavors on the market today. Eonsmoke will definitely provide its rich flavor, with a huge database and incredibly attractive prices.

Positive factors


Ziip pods fit Juul batteries perfectly because they are specifically designed for Juul. It is recommended to recommend them to people who have just chosen to switch from smoking to atomized nicotine salt (people with different flavors). They are the perfect choice for people who don't mind temperature-controlled pods.

They offer different delicacies and the prices are very reasonable. Their performance is also very good, but if you draw too many times in a row and draw too hard, it may produce a terrible burnt smell. It is recommended to hit 8 to 10 times per minute, and then it can be re-inserted to eliminate the burnt smell.

Quitting smoking can be challenging. In addition, cigarettes kill approximately 480,000 Americans each year, making cigarettes the leading cause of preventable deaths. E-cigarettes can help some long-term smokers to quit smoking. Feel free to let us know your experience and thoughts on Juul and other e-cigarettes and such Pods.

Tanush Poulsen

As an ordinary student in Sweden, I discovered an innovative and healthy lifestyle. With my first electronic cigarette, I became obsessed with all electronic products. Therefore, the fog impacted my interest in electronics, science and health. I like to bring people into the world of vaping through reviews, guides and best lists.


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