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Are you considering converting the lead acid of golf carts to lithium? You may be curious about how these batteries are compared and why one battery is better than the other. In this week's blog, we will delve into the history of batteries and explain how lithium batteries far surpass lead acid, especially when used in golf carts or personal transportation.

In the 1930s and 1940s, several electric golf carts appeared, but most of them were modified rickshaws and were never widely adopted. It was not until 1951 that an electric golf cart designed specifically for golf was put on the market.

In the 1970s, as people realized that golf carts could also be used as a means of transportation for small private communities, the golf cart market expanded.

Lead-acid batteries have long been the first and only solution to power these electric golf carts, and they have done a good job of meeting the basic needs of the market. Compared with gasoline-powered cars, they make golf cars clean, quiet, and relatively low upfront costs.

Lead-acid batteries used in golf carts have been standardized in terms of form, assembly and function, and there are several options in terms of capacity that are directly related to the range of mileage. Even a sprinkler system is integrated in the battery cover, which can reduce the labor associated with adding water to traditional lead-acid batteries. Sealed lead-acid batteries, such as Gel and AGM, can be used in golf carts without adding water, but due to some performance limitations, they have not been widely accepted.

It is not to reduce the powerful lead-acid batteries and everything they provide, but the reality is that these developments have been somewhat insufficient over the years.

The undeniable fact is that when a particular technology does not develop, a new technology will replace it-think about BlockBuster and Netflix. Demand increases, expectations continue to evolve, and as other technologies reveal fashionable new features, customers expect the same progress in golf carts or personal transportation vehicles (PTV). This is where the lithium battery enters the scene.

Lithium batteries have answered the phone to improve the performance of driving golf carts and the overall customer experience. They are lightweight, making them very easy to install (anyone can do), and there is less wear on golf carts and fairways. They are maintenance-free-no water, no clean acid residue-just charge them and use them. They can be charged quickly. They provide higher, continuous power, so they never sluggish. They are not easily damaged. Unlike lead-acid batteries, lead-acid batteries usually fail prematurely due to improper charging, watering, etc.

For more details. They also last 5 to 10 times longer than lead-acid batteries, which means you don’t have to replace batteries every few years. The service life cost is lower than that of lead acid, and we have proven this through mathematics!

Although lithium batteries solve many of the shortcomings of lead-acid battery technology, it also brings new challenges. Lithium batteries pose a safety hazard due to the large amount of heat they generate. They include a battery management system (BMS) to protect the battery, but it can also cause undesirable power loss and can be complicated to use. At RELiON, we decided to design the product from scratch and remove all obstacles. turn out


First of all, all RELiON lithium batteries are lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemicals, which are inherently safe. The heat it generates is only a fraction of other popular lithium chemistries. In addition, RELiON's InSight product has an external radiator on the lid, so heat does not accumulate in the battery box. This means that our products are safe, and our electronic components are free from excess heat, which usually shortens the lifespan of electronic products.

InSight does not use an off-the-shelf BMS, so it deliberately chooses protection parameters to protect the battery without affecting the customer experience. In other words, the vehicle will not suffer unexpected power loss and stop suddenly like other lithium batteries.

It is also very easy to install and use. The size of the InSight 48V battery is the same as the lead-acid battery it is replacing, so it can fit correctly into the same battery tray and has the same lifting bracket. Just install and start! We couldn't be simpler.

The first thing people should pay attention to when driving golf carts with lithium batteries is feeling. This car feels lighter, faster and smoother. We all know the speed of golf carts is limited, so why do they feel faster? This is because the higher voltage of the lithium battery can provide more power, thereby improving the acceleration capability of the vehicle. The vehicle can reach its top speed faster and more frequently. You can’t reach full speed when using lead-acid batteries in the mountains, but you can use lithium batteries.


It is also important that you have not experienced it. This includes unexpected pauses, acid chaos on the top of the battery, battery compartment and floor, stress or worry about whether you have not charged the battery or have done other things that can damage the lead-acid battery, because these will not damage your lithium battery . The biggest advantage of using lithium iron phosphate is worry-free.

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