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At first, there was an alternative to smoking. As people could use marijuana, they were quickly attracted by marijuana consumption. By 2014, "vape" has become

, There is another competitor worthy of competition: partners.

The rise of vaping is not only in name but not in reality. Data from BDS Analytics

The report shows that vape products are in high demand in the two most mature markets in the United States: Colorado and our home country Oregon. The overall market growth rate of the two states was 9%. Sales of high-CBD steam and other evaporators were stable in the first quarter of 2018, with year-on-year growth ranking sixth and seventh respectively. The growth included a $4.8 million sales increase of 105.5% for high CBD products. At the same time, sales of other vapes increased by 69% to $69 million.

Nowadays, from dried flowers to many types of cartridges, you can use a variety of atomization options. You can buy pre-filled cartridges or fill them yourself according to the method. Large and start-up vape companies spread all over the country, providing customers with a large number of products for their consumption. In view of providing such a diverse range of products in a rapidly evolving space, we think it is time to collect the latest information directly from the source.

Let's see what happened in today's vape pencil case.

When buying vape cartridges, customers have more choices than ever before-the trend does not seem to slow down in the slightest. Some companies only focus on the types of cannabinoids, while others offer a range of options to meet the needs of patients and adult users.

In recent years, CBD has become an attractive part of the offering of several branded products. Although market awareness may increase, current knowledge about cannabinoids is sufficient to make it a viable cannabis industry. As early as 2016, "Forbes" (Forbes) predicted that only the CBD market


Nowadays, it is common to find well-known companies that offer at least some CBD in their product lines. In some cases, the company only provides CBD at all. This includes them

And a 500 mg cartridge made entirely of CBD grown in California. As their website points out: "TribeTokes CBD does not use MCT oil or other additives for cutting, so you will get almost all of the CBD and some natural plant terpenes, resulting in a subtle and satisfying flavor."

Other well-known CBD-approved brands include outstanding brands, such as

, "Mainly approved the use of CBD oil" in its luxurious vape pen products.

Other brands decided to seek more diverse product catalogs.

Hemp oil is one of the most well-known companies in hemp oil, with a valuation of US$400 million in 2017. Its high-quality THC-A crystal extract Select is the company's highest-selling product. However, the brand can meet various needs of THC Social from 99.9% to 20% to 25% of Select. To meet the needs of CBD consumers, Cura provided another seven vape cartridges, touting zero THC.

, A

Customers and vertically integrated brands outside of California, in addition to white labels for other brands, have also created their own oil and other product lines. Nelson Ricardo, head of product development at Caliva, told True Terpenes: "It all depends on the product requirements we get. We can use any combination of different ratios. Our classic vape series products have 3 THC flavors and a 3:1 ratio. CBD-THC mixture."

The demand for THC, CBD and blended fibers should continue to rise. Therefore, it is expected that the products provided should meet this demand. Some companies choose to focus on only one type of consumption, while others see themselves as the pinnacle of all vape cartridges. With so many consumers, any approach is feasible for the company. Success should lie in the common theme of all industries: producing high-quality products and ensuring that the public knows what you offer.

Just two years ago, famous cannabis publications such as

Wondering if the terpenes of the mist will last, or even wondering if this is a stupid head. Today, the debate seems to be over, the dust is flying, and terpenes seem to continue.

Juli Crockett, Chief Compliance Officer of W Vapes, told

Last year, “I saw two branches of atomization: Purificationists, who will focus on specific terpenes and healing properties within each strain; Experimentalists, who will focus on mixing strains to produce a certain effect.” Since she It has been more than a year since the offer was made, and Crockett's prediction seemed to touch people's minds.

Terpenes are a topic in the land of cannabis. Nowadays, companies and consumers are often heard talking about some common terpenes found in vape cartridges. Some of the most popular names include well-known names such as myrcene, limonene, α-pineene and linalool. But that just scratched the surface of the terpene world.

Nelson Ricardo tells us that Caliva's goal is to make profiles of specific strains as close as possible to the flower. Achieving this goal includes using the device GCMS. Ricardo explained: “We can analyze the terpene content in cannabis flowers, and then not only use the analysis data, but also through sensory and olfactory analysis and focus group repetitions to get different opinions.” Caliva also provides for it. A wide range of vape cartridges and more products create simpler and familiar profiles such as pineapple, grapes and strawberries.

David Kram, CEO

Manufacturers of CBD-specific products and products that use the entourage effect are committed to producing "high-performance, effect-based formulas that can retain the unique terpene characteristics of each strain, and add additional natural terpenes to the mixture to supplement the production. A smooth and full-flavored product.” These include a hemp oil that is dominated by India, and natural chamomile and lavender terpenes, called relaxing oils.

The soothing flavor profile represents part of the various terpene profiles integrated into vape cartridges today. Other participants told True Terpenes that flavors range from jasmine and banana milkshakes to using strains such as Blue Dream and Northern Lights. As more and more individuals and companies learn about the benefits of terpenes, we should expect more unique terpene profiles to be added to product production.

as usual,

You can meet all terpene needs!

The development of vaping hardware is just another example of a rapidly evolving field. One of the most talked about products is the disposable vape oil cartridge. Although not the latest innovation, ink cartridges are still being updated and enhanced.

At the lower end of the spectrum are cartridges made of glass, plastic, and metal. Due to the danger of malfunction, these items fall to the bottom. Although top companies have eliminated this concern, the cheaper products on the market still make some consumers feel anxious. In addition, worries are also concentrated on plastic suction heads and wicks, which often give users a bad experience. If you do use plastic, it is best to use

Such as:

Kura uses organic Japanese cotton cores instead of plastic cores instead of plastic cores. The cotton used to replace plastic allows consumers to evaporate without experiencing the burning taste of standard cotton wicks.

Ceramics have become an alternative to straws that are reluctant to use plastic. Silk Road uses ceramic CCELL cores to heat oil and provide smooth, delicious food. According to David Kram, the use of this technology is essential to provide customers with the experience they hope to get from smoking marijuana. "Today, many brands still use outdated e-cigarette technology, which is simply not suitable for high-viscosity cannabis extracts."

Another newest feature of vaping is similar to Caliva and

, They also use coil technology, so they call it Ultaflo Pro X series. Puffmen's technology aims to provide consumers with improved flavor and reduce oil degradation by providing air intake holes at the bottom of Ultraflo Pro X.

In general, enthusiasts of pod-type electronic cigarettes will cite its easy-to-assemble and easy-to-use products, which are the same as other vaporizers that provide users with the same discretion. However, its limited availability currently hinders the growth of pod e-cigarettes. This creates a supply and demand problem, leading to several types of pods that are more expensive than other ink cartridges. However, market demand should prompt people to better access the pods in the near future.

Just like the terpene profile and the cannabinoids used in cartridges, consumers have many choices. As technology advances, consumers should expect to see an increase in consumption methods. The next trend may focus on accurate dosage, or it may be healthier and tastier. In any case, customers should expect more incredible developments in the coming months and years.

Due to the large number of variants on the market, not all vape cartridges are created equal. Therefore, although the size of the ink cartridge is important, the experience will definitely come down to the experience that the customer gets. One

Decomposes the performance and size of some major players in the vape cartridge. Although the entire study is interesting and worth reading, our focus is on the size of each product.

The study found that in addition to using a whole gram of product, the most effective product uses 0.5 gram of ink cartridges. However, this discovery did not connect large ink cartridges with less experience. Although one gram of ink cartridges did appear five times, the list of .5 gram and even 1.75 gram cartridges is more complete.

Danny Davis, Managing Director

, Pointed out the problem of manufacturers measuring their oil in grams instead of milliliters. Davis added: "We recommend the use of 0.5ml top-flow ceramic and glass cartridges. The cartridges should have leak-free, wick-free technology, large oil suction holes, and be equipped with low-voltage and multi-temperature batteries." He added. Said that he expects closed system pods to adopt the same standards in the coming months.

The consensus among study participants is to use 0.5 gram cartridges. However, Puffmen used Davis measurements and was one of the companies that responded to this. The company noted that a one-ml cartridge is best for entertainment purposes. However, in order to cover the market, Puffmen also provides 0.5 milliliters of gasoline for medical marijuana retailers to meet their required regulatory limits.

Since innovation has little or no signs of slowing down, it is likely to assume that producers can continue to adapt. Changing market demands and the introduction of new technologies will undoubtedly stimulate new development sooner or later.


Configuration files, restrictions have not yet been eliminated. From hemp to any other form of plant life, there are many things that can be produced and brought to the market. The exercise of healthy living also extends to terpenes. Natural, organic, food-grade quality products are essential to provide consumers with flavor characteristics and quality products. If sales in Oregon and Colorado are replicated in other states, the boom may have just begun. We are very happy to be at the forefront of the journey!

The cannabis is being shipped to Aurora, Colorado. The Aurora City Council considered a decree allowing the delivery of marijuana as early as mid-November.

According to business tax data reported by the Department of Administration, from January to October this year, medical marijuana sales in Maine reached $221.8 million.

Few people would deny that former President Nixon's 1971 drug war was aimed at the country’s black communities and protesters against the Vietnam War.

Adult marijuana sales in Illinois skyrocketed to a record level in June 2020, and recreational weed shops sold more than $47.6 million worth of products.

Former National Basketball Association (NBA) forward Al Harrington said he hopes to use the marijuana industry to turn 100 blacks into millionaires. one of the

In 2019, the cannabis investment landscape has undergone tremendous changes, and the share prices of most listed cannabis companies are falling (up to 60-80%!)1

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