What is the G Pen? Everything you need to know.

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If it’s hard to imagine that there was a period of time before the vaporizer cultivation

Products, because the brand played a huge role in shaping the industry itself. Before G Pen launched the first storage tank system specifically designed for "personal aromatherapy" in 2012, the vaporizer industry (and the enrichment game itself) was still in its infancy. That was an opaque sticky time. The 710 bullets were overflowing with distillate of questionable quality, and everyone was confused about the entire evaporation process and even how it worked. 

Flashing to 2020. With its series of game-changing and refreshing products, such as

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Concentrated attachment,

(Basically a portable drill that is completely portable), G Pen still wears the crown. 

G Pen is known for its stylish, user-friendly design, high-quality products, and effective marketing techniques centered on celebrity cooperation. G Pen has earned a reputation for launching some of the best vaporizers in the industry. 

Whether you are buying a new vape or just curious about all the hype, this is our guide to everything about G Pen. 

G Pen products demonstrate a successful combination of user-friendliness, innovation and trend. Their vapes are very easy to use because they simplify the process of vaping while providing easy-to-use temperature control, just like Apple simplified the calculation process. The product only needs to press a button to deliver high-quality flowers and concentrate steam in a few seconds.

G Pen continues to maintain brand awareness and pop culture processing capabilities

. Whether it’s recording artists like Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa or The Game, big brands like The Fader, Burton and HUF, or street artists like Natalie Wood and Claw Money, G Pen is working with the products of today’s tastemakers. It shines in cooperation.  

After all, the most pressing question involving weed technology and equipment is "Is it worth the price?"

It depends on your experience level and weed consumption. But depending on your preferences and whether you want to play weeding games, buying a G Pen device may be a wise investment.

Below, see some information about each type of evaporator currently provided by G Pen. 

Gio Battery is G Pen's answer to the pod systems that have entered the market such as Pox Pods and Dart Pods. The Gio battery is designed for the exclusive interface with the G Pen Gio cartridge (created in collaboration with brands such as Cookies, Caliva and Humboldt Farms), which can break the concentrated liquid atomization platform into the simplest form: insert the cartridge and inhale. 

Since each cartridge is designed to burn optimally at the same temperature and voltage, there is no need to adjust the temperature control. Every click is perfect-even a hands-free vaping experience. 

G Pen Pro is stylish and easy to use. It is a flower-shaped evaporator that exists at the intersection of fashion and function. One-button control provides three temperature settings, which can evaporate your "floor material" within 30 seconds. And at a price point of less than $100, no matter how much the coronavirus has affected your bank account, this is a viable way to buy. 

The G Pen Elite vaporizer is like the G Pen Pro on steroids. Even though the two of them are fundamentally doing the same thing, which is to evaporate flowers, Elite is full of all the fancy that future masons might want or need. Elite is equipped with an LED display with temperature control function, battery life indicator and the largest full ceramic housing on the market, which is very suitable for all of us who are health-conscious technicians. 


Nova is the easy-to-use concentrated vaporization pen of G Pen. Unlike many similar pens from G Pen competitors, Nova replaces the outdated coil technology with a full ceramic atomizer, in which a patented reverse air flow and a “check” ball valve system generates a concentrate heating chamber In order to balance the heat, it provides the maximum amount of steam generation. Pens are on the market. In short, it works much better than other concentrated pens, and the price is much lower than most fountain pens. 

Connect is one of G Pen's most innovative (and most successful) products to date. It has changed the concentrate consumption market by providing an electronic heating source for traditional rag drilling rigs. It is heated to the set temperature within five seconds after activation. The ceramic heating element can be installed on any pre-existing gong or rag device, providing the same high-density steam as ordinary rags without bringing it like heating. The troublesome and dangerous elements of torches and bare nails.  

The Roam is a brand new product, ready for summer adventures. It is G Pen's first fully portable concentrated vaporizer with a separate water filtration system. Basically, the device is a fully functional electronic punch drill in the form of a large, water-filled vape, and is compatible with any concentrate you can imagine.   

The Roam is the first of its kind, with a leak-proof, self-sufficient borosilicate glass water tube, a complete quartz water tank and a 1300mAh lithium ion battery, which can be heated to temperature within a few seconds after activation to achieve the best Excellent temperature control and provide perfect tapping every time. 

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, Free shipping within the U.S. for orders over $75, or shopping at your local pharmacy. All Grenco Science electronic products (chargers and batteries) have a one-year warranty. 

Lindsay MaHarry writes articles about cannabis and culture at her home in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram: @_oystergirl_

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In the 2000s, Volcano vaporizers were the pioneer of desktop vaporizers. The Gold Edition celebrates its 20th anniversary and becomes the most iconic evaporator ever.

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