What is cannabis concentrate live resin—and how should you use it?

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There are so many different types

Concentrate, sometimes it is difficult to figure out the differences between them. This is an introduction to what is active resin and how to use it.

Active resin is a high-quality concentrate that is often consumed by cannabis smokers in smoking devices, nectar collectors or vape pens. It is full of natural flavor and

Considered to be the best concentrated liquid form.

The active resin looks almost like a sugary paste, usually light yellow to dark orange. It is usually more expensive than other concentrates, but due to high quality and high

Content (usually 80-90%), you need less active resin to achieve the same effect as breaking, waxing or flower buds.

The active resin is extracted from the hemp plant, which is quick-frozen after harvest. It is made of undried or uncured hemp material. This method is natural

Keep it as it is.

Terpenes are aromatic oils that give hemp a unique flavor, such as pine, cheese, citrus or berries. They are made up of the cannabinoid THC and

So far, more than 100 terpenes have been identified.

The active resin extraction process was developed by a team of growers in Colorado during 2012-2013. After the plant material is frozen, it is kept in this state until the extraction process begins. They do this by immersing the plants in liquid nitrogen or using dry ice to better preserve the active compounds.

Then, the plant material is subjected to a closed-loop extraction process using hydrocarbon solvents such as butane or propane. In the closed-loop extraction process, the unprocessed flowers are sprayed with a compressed solvent, which separates the cannabinoids and trichomes from the plant.

During the closed loop process, the solvent never comes into contact with air. Instead, they are contained in a chamber, and then the solvent is sucked back by a vacuum pump, and then re-entered into the solvent tank, where it can be reused.

After the extraction process is complete, you are left with approximately 95% of the cannabis oil and need to be purged for 72 hours. For reactive resins, it can be done in a vacuum furnace at room temperature. The final product thus produced has a THC content of 98%, which can then be ingested by various methods.

You can ingest active resin in many ways. One of the most common methods is by tapping. But evaporation or the use of nectar collectors are also popular methods of eating. 

Smearing has quickly become the favorite method of eating cannabis concentrates (such as buds, sauces, active resins, rosin, and oils). Dabbing uses highly concentrated cannabinoids and terpenes, which usually bring a delicious experience.

To wipe, you can use a glass drill, which is available in most cigarette shops. It looks very similar to a smoking gun, but is equipped with titanium, quartz, ceramic bowl or glass nails (called punch sticks). Then you can heat the fork with a cutting torch or with electronic nails, which will heat itself. You put the required amount of active resin on the spoon-shaped applicator, and then start the heating process.

After reaching the required temperature, put a small piece of DAB (a small piece of active resin) into the furnace, and then suck in air.

It may take some time to get used to it, because you have to determine how many reactive resins should be used and how high the heat should be. If it is overheated, it will burn the product. Or, if heating is insufficient, cannabinoids and terpenes are not activated. The best range is between 157 and 204 degrees Celsius, but try to target the lowest temperature first. Start with a small pen and gradually increase to the size and temperature you think is most suitable.

Before buying a rag drill, first understand what you should know

Regardless of whether you use a desktop evaporator or a vape pen, evaporating the active resin will produce excellent results and achieve high star effects. This is also the most concealed way to use concentrated liquid, because it does not produce smoke, only vapor. Here, you can only use a small amount of reactive resin at a time.

If you use a bench-top evaporator, be careful of the product overheating, and use the temperature control function at low to medium settings. If you don’t seem to have gained much when you are hit, increase the temperature gradually.

Vape pens are rapidly gaining popularity because they are an excellent way to use active resin discretely in activities. Most models look similar to nicotine atomized analogs.

First, open the chamber of the vape, and then put a small eraser on the coil or the ceramic sheet around the coil, depending on your device. Put the top back into the test box and drag it. You can use more active resin than the resin used in the rag drill or evaporator, but not too high, otherwise you will not get the high price you want.

The nectar collector is a long silicone tube or glass tube that can be heated at its tip with a cutting torch, and then sucked at the unheated end, the hot side of the tube is gently touched to a piece of charged resin, and then sucked in. Together with the vape pen, many people find this method the easiest on the lungs. The nectar collector is cheaper than a rag machine or an evaporator. All you need is a tube, application tool, torch and a can of active resin.

Most people recommend the use of glass tubes, because you can determine the amount of intake by sight, but you will not see the impact with the silicone collector. Amazon has some

. Be sure to check it out!


, In a pipe or pipe. It does not mean that it will be burned by these methods, you will only burn THC and all the best performance required to reach amazing highs.

Active resin is a favorite concentrate often used by cannabis connoisseurs and novices. It produces high head and body, although this depends on the strain used in the process. If you are looking for the best flavoring agent, then you should definitely choose active resin as your first choice.

Be careful with your rag drill and always use the torch in accordance with the product guidelines. Now, you can use the active resin with confidence, and remember to start with a small eraser and a lower temperature to determine your personal needs.

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