Wax, Herb, Oil: What is the Best Temperature for My Vaporizer?

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In the past ten years, the world of evaporators has developed tremendously. We live in a future during which smoking our favorite product has undergone a big shift towards a healthier alternative called vaping. Portable vaporizers replace the need for smoke, which is full of toxins and carcinogens, allowing us to enjoy herbs and oils in a similar but healthier way.

The main function of each evaporator is to heat the chamber and transform the contents into inhalable smooth vapor. This chamber is called an atomizer or coil,

. So far, almost all consumables have an evaporator, otherwise we can smoke or consume by heating, including dried herbs, wax essence, oil and electronic juice.

Each of these substances evaporates at different temperatures. In the field of vaping, one of the biggest questions is: Which temperature is the most suitable? Although there are some guidelines to follow when choosing the right temperature, it ultimately boils down to preferences and some expertise.

The dry herb vaporizer is one of the most popular equipment on the market. They have been exploring for more than ten years and have transformed from a small, simple device to a mature evaporator with temperature control and LED screen. The best dry herb evaporator will be equipped with two temperature control devices. Simpler devices can only switch between a few options, while others allow you to adjust the temperature by an angle.

The optimal temperature for dried herbs will vary according to the type of herbs. Other factors include how finely you grind it and how tightly you pack it into the chamber. Compared with dry herbs, fresh herbs also require a different temperature.

If your device is relatively simple and has only a few settings, it is best to start with the lowest temperature setting and gradually increase it. This will allow you to feel the smell and quantity of the steam before entering the higher temperature. The same is true for more advanced evaporators. Turn down the temperature to the lowest setting, and then gradually increase the temperature as you evaporate until you find the best position.

You also want to pay attention to the herbs after emptying the chamber to ensure that they will not burn during the process. The herbs should be slightly browned, but not burned or charred. If they are burned, try to use a lower temperature.

Wax evaporators are a relatively new practice for evaporating concentrates, otherwise special drilling rigs are required. These ones

Using a specially designed chamber, wax can be turned into vapor with the click of a button. As with all evaporators, many wax mists allow you to adjust the temperature reached by the coil. The optimal temperature will depend on the type of wax you use, the coil style in the room, and whether you want a smooth, rounded beating.

There are three main styles of wax vape coils: titanium, quartz and ceramic. Everyone handles temperature differently. The heating time of ceramic coil and titanium coil is slightly longer, but it can be maintained for a longer time. Quartz coils have less time to heat up, but they also dissipate heat faster.

In many wax evaporators, you need to adjust the wattage sent to the coil instead of a specific temperature. Watt is a measure of the amount of power sent by the battery to the coil. More wattage will result in a higher temperature, and less wattage will result in a lower temperature.

First of all, it is always best to start with low temperature or watts first, and then slowly rise. Lower wattage and temperature will slowly boil the wax immersion and expel a smooth stream of steam. Higher temperatures and wattages will deposit large clouds of hot vapor, similar to a drilling rig. Depending on the style of the coil, it may take a few seconds for the coil to become hot enough to expel steam.

Oil evaporators are very similar to other types of vapes on the market. They are usually pre-filled cartridges that can be connected to almost any type of battery or boxed module. With the correct battery or module, you can adjust the wattage of the oil.

Generally, oil atomizers tend to be on the smaller side and tend to have small coils wound around the absorbent core. These small coils can only withstand a small amount of watts. Too much, they may run out and become unusable.

Similar to a wax evaporator, you want to start the vape at the lowest possible setting. When you start to rise in watts, you can feel the amount of steam provided by each setting. If the vapor starts to burn or dry out, you may push the coil to its limit and hope to fall back. The wicking material in these vapes will take longer to absorb the thick grease, so you need to give it some time to rest between hits.

Box Mods are universal vaping devices. They can handle all types of accessories, from dry herbal atomizers to sub-ohm e-liquid storage tanks and RDA. Although some devices also have full temperature control options, most Box Mods use watts to adjust the temperature. Higher wattage means more heat, and lower wattage produces lower temperature.

The optimal temperature of the boxed module will depend on the type of accessories you place on it. Tanks and RDA will be able to consume the most wattage and can also put down the largest clouds. The coil or wire you use has its own restrictions on the packaging. Some sub-ohm e-liquid accessories can handle up to 100 watts or more, although most accessories can handle 30 to 70 watts. If the limit is exceeded, there is a danger of burning the coil.

The wax atomizer works well with Box Mods. They can usually handle a considerable amount of power, and as the power increases, they emit more vapor. The working principle of the oil attachment is similar to that of wax. In either case, it’s always best to start low and don’t try to push the attachment beyond its limits.

Dry herb accessories can also be perfectly matched with Box Mods. These types of atomizers require minimal wattage or temperature. Since the idea is to evaporate beneficial compounds from dried herbs, you need to use a low enough temperature so that the herbs will not be burned in the process, but you also need enough temperature to properly evaporate all the beneficial compounds .

Choosing the temperature of the evaporator that suits you depends on the experiment and finding the method that suits you best. Everyone's preferences are different, depending on whether they prefer smooth, mellow steam or thick, steaming steam. In the end, it depends on the evaporator you want.

One of the main factors in choosing the right temperature depends on the material to be vaporized and the type of accessory or atomizer used. Dried herbs evaporate better at lower temperature ranges, oils and e-liquids require medium to higher temperature gradients, while waxes and other concentrates perform better at higher temperatures.

Some people like to pull giant clouds when they are in the fog, and they are sometimes called "cloud chasers". These people like the steam to be warm and thick, and will run the steam at a higher temperature. Others like subtle clouds and their vapor is cool and smooth. These people will use lower temperatures. After a period of exhaustion and experimentation, you will feel which temperature is best for you.

Now it is time to discuss the main difference between high temperature and low temperature. There will always be people who prefer high temperatures to low temperatures, and vice versa, but here, we will elaborate on the uniqueness of each option.


, Cloud production has reached the highest level. The vapor you exhale will be thick and easy to observe. Many people like to blow away large clouds that only high temperatures can produce.

, Your vape will produce thinner and harder to detect clouds. Some people don't like blowing big clouds, especially where invisibility is more important than showing off.


, Some materials will have a stronger taste. This is true for e-liquids and certain wax concentrates, although you can also do this, otherwise it may cause a burnt or unpleasant taste.

, You are unlikely to burn what is evaporating. Some things (such as dried herbs) will provide more consistent and delicious clouds at lower temperatures.

by using

, You can absorb a lot of steam, thereby increasing the beneficial effect of the material you are atomizing. This means it will make you harder and faster to get hit.

, But not too low, the effect of the material will be better. Some people like this method because they don't want an overly powerful effect.

when using it

, The material you are atomizing will soon be exhausted. You may find yourself having to refill or repackage the vape frequently.

, You will expand how long the material will last. Each hit will reduce the material used up, which may make it last longer and better.

It consumes more energy and will quickly drain the battery of the vape. This means you will need to charge it more frequently, which may cause inconvenience if you carry it with you.

Will consume less battery. Since portability is one of the biggest advantages of the vaporizer, you may need to use a lower temperature when traveling.

Now that you know the difference between high temperature and low temperature, it is easy to choose the temperature that suits you best. At the end of the day, the optimal temperature will depend on your own needs and needs, and whether you like huge billowing clouds or smooth and delicious puffs.

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