Vaping CBD: Pens and oils for pain, depression and anxiety

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With its legalization in many countries/regions of the world, many people have begun to use cannabidiol (CBD) products to obtain their potential medical benefits. CBD users ingest the compound in a variety of ways, including nebulization.

Some studies have shown that CBD may help treat certain chronic diseases, such as

And pain. However, most studies have evaluated the effects of oral CBD rather than inhalation.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends against using vaping because its long-term effects are not yet known.

Read on to learn more about nebulized CBD and its potential therapeutic uses, as well as information about certain nebulizer pens, formulations and related risks.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from hemp. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not produce high levels. People use CBD in many ways

, Which may include:

CBD may also have

May be toxic to some cells. Researchers are currently studying the use of CBD in several disease states, including:


Approved for use

, A CBD oral solution for Lennox-Gastaut or Dravet syndrome, which is a rare form of epilepsy.

In Canada and Europe, doctors can prescribe

, This is an oral spray containing CBD and THC, which can treat cramps


according to

At present, 228 studies on CBD have been completed and are in progress or in progress.

People may also find CBD in commercial products such as health and food supplements.

One of the challenges facing consumers and doctors is the lack of standardized dosages and understanding of therapeutic dosages. To this day, the dosage recommendations for CBD are still unclear.

Through different routes of administration, the challenge is further expanded. People eat edible things, atomize them and apply topical CBD on the skin.

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Many people are using

As a device for hemp products (including CBD).

There is a lack of research on the atomization of CBD oil. most

The focus of the area around CBD is oral capsules, sublingual sprays or oral solutions.

With people

And chronic obstructive pulmonary disease often used

. The delivery system supplies the drug directly to the lungs, resulting in rapid clinical results. Generally, people also need smaller doses compared to oral or subcutaneous injections.

The characteristics of condensed aerosols can make nebulization seem to be a more effective way to take CBD. However, because atomization is still a relatively new practice, researchers are not yet clear about its benefits and risks, so further investigation is needed.

In the United States, CBD extracted from plants

is still

Because the FDA has not approved it for medical use.

In addition, the FDA does not regulate the manufacturing and labeling of CBD oil products in the United States.

The condensed aerosol in the vape pen can be used as a useful drug delivery system. but,

It is warned that people must be aware that not all products contain the CBD content recommended on the label.

Into one

, The researchers analyzed two e-liquids, namely Cloud 9 Hemp Yellow Brick Road and Easy Rider. According to the label, each product consists of 3.3 milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL) of CBD. However, the researchers pointed out that "Cloud 9 Ephedra Brick Road"

Partners of CBD and Easy Rider

. These deviations illustrate the consequences of lack of supervision.

Without quality control, people will be exposed to unknown doses of CBD and other ingredients that may pose risks.

According to an article in

, The CBD content in the oil may be lower than the content listed on the label.

This happens because certain oils may be stored for long periods of time under conditions that make them unstable. This may explain the lower concentration in the final purchased product.

Recently, doctors reported several cases of severe lung injury in vape patients. According to a CDC report, as of February 2020,

In the United States, people receive hospital treatment for e-cigarettes or product-related lung injury (EVALI). Of these people, 68 died.

The CDC advises those who wish to use vape:

E-cigarette products and e-cigarettes are not safe for young people, young people or pregnant people.

When choosing pens and formulas for writing CBD, people should buy from reliable sources. All manufacturers produce different products, and they lack the strict quality control of FDA-approved products.

There are many pens and formulas available for purchase. Choosing the right CBD is a challenging task because of the lack of evidence to support the use of nebulized CBD for medical purposes.

Pain is

Why do people consume marijuana. However, there is currently no research that specifically evaluates the effect of nebulized CBD on pain.


The efficacy of cannabis-based drugs on chronic neuropathic pain in adults was evaluated. Researchers believe that the potential benefits of cannabis-based drugs may outweigh their potential harms.

This research is not mainly focused on CBD, but explores the effects of herbal cannabis, plant-derived or synthetic THC, and THC and CBD oral mucosal sprays.

The researchers concluded that there is no high-quality evidence to support the efficacy of any cannabis-based products. At best, some people with chronic neuralgia will benefit from long-term use of cannabis drugs.

Although some

Show that people use marijuana to relieve pain, anxiety and

connected to

However, other studies have not proven that CBD has a consistent effect on depression.

However, the researchers did find that high-dose THC formulations may have an adverse effect on mood.

Other studies have shown that chronic marijuana users have higher levels of depressive symptoms compared with light users and non-light users. An observational study showed that

Despite the lack of information on the efficacy of cannabis, study participants used cannabis to relieve symptoms of depression.

Researchers have proven research

The effect of CBD in treating the following diseases:

This effect can be clearly seen from the acute dose (short-term or one-time dose). Researchers are not sure about the effects of chronic doses (long-term, low-dose).

Although clinical data supports the anti-anxiety effects of CBD, researchers need to conduct further studies to confirm these findings and determine appropriate dosage guidelines.

Nevertheless, many studies still include oral CBD.

Those studies that use the inhaled form of CBD have not always shown a positive effect on anxiety.

Each country, state and province has its own laws and regulations on the use of CBD.

CBD is still a Class I drug because the FDA has not yet regulated it for general medical use. However, they have approved the use of CBD to treat rare forms of epilepsy.

Although many clinical trials and studies have been conducted on the efficacy of CBD, researchers still do not know the exact drug use of CBD.

To date, most studies on CBD have focused on the oral form of the compound, rather than nebulization. Further research is still needed to determine the specific benefits of nebulized CBD.

People should be alert to the risks associated with vaping products, and researchers must continue to study these risks.

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