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These products are brand new in the regulated Canadian market, but what's in it?

Now that they are in the Canadian market, cannabis consumers are very interested in trying vape pens, but they don’t know much about them. In order to answer their most frequently asked questions, we contacted Pete Morin, an education expert at CannSell, an AGCO-approved cannabis retail training program; Dr. Shannon Morris is the chief product officer of Aurora Cannabis, a company based in Edmonton. Brand manufacturer; Anna Shlimak, senior vice president of corporate affairs for the Cronos Group, is the manufacturer behind Spinach and Cove in Stayner, Ontario.

This is what we found.

Unlike a refillable pen pen, a disposable vape pen is a unit-hemp oil, atomizer, battery and other components are all included. You only need to inhale to activate the heating element. The disposable pen is easy to use and can be thrown away once the oil is used up.

After removing the vape from the package, look for a button. If there is one, click on it and the indicator light will light up. Then, you can breathe in through the mouthpiece. If there is no button, when you inhale, the indicator light on the bottom of the pen will be activated. Exhale the steam. A typical .5ml vape pen lasts for about 220 mouths. The total number may be affected by the temperature and the length of each inhalation time.

The cartridge is a pre-filled cannabis oil or concentrate container designed to be used with e-cigarettes or vape devices. There are many kinds of weed boxes, one of which has 510 lines. Screw it onto the rechargeable battery. When inhaling, this battery may have a button or automatic heating. It may have multiple temperature settings or be heated to a preset temperature. The 510 thread vape is the industry standard for atomizers and water tanks.

Vape cartridges contain cannabis distillate, and cannabis oil is a concentrated form of cannabis oil. The distillation process removes natural plant terpenes from the hemp, resulting in an odorless and tasteless viscous liquid. The terpene can be reintroduced into the liquid before filling the cartridge.

According to Morin of CannSell, most licensed manufacturers using vape pens or pods on the market are using THC distillate and adding terpenes to reproduce the flavor and effects of various strains, but this is not always the case. He said: "Ultimately, it depends on the manufacturer and the method used for extraction."

Morris said that the extracts used in Aurora vape products include terpenes from plant sources grown in its facilities, and not from any non-cannabis plant source. He said: "We are committed to preserving the original plant elements to ensure the highest quality consumer experience."

For Cronos’ adult brand Spinach and Cove, the company introduced natural terpenes into the extract to replicate the strain’s terpene profile. Shlimak said: "Our proprietary Cove formula is affected by different varieties."

In the laboratory, the manufacturer starts with a distillate with a specific concentration of THC, and then adds specific amounts of various cannabinoids and terpenes.

The final product should ensure consistency between one batch and another batch. As quality assurance practices and standards develop and best practices become more specific and complex, this consistency will improve.

"This means that vape pens and pods will eventually become more consistent between batches than dried flowers," Morin said.

According to Morin, most distillate-based products are mixtures of multiple strains. Dried flowers are commonly used as bulk biomass from which producers extract THC and other cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are mixed with terpenes to produce the flavor profile of various strains.

Morin said that some mixtures may contain synthetic terpenes, but he added that the mixtures usually contain natural terpenes from sources other than cannabis, such as pine and citrus. In other words, most producers use cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from hemp. marijuana. Neither Aurora nor Cronos use synthetic terpenes.

Morris said: "Blend refers to extracts made with natural ingredients from more than one plant species." "For example, THC alfalfa blend products may use extracts from several of our top high-THC alfalfa varieties. All of us The vape products only use our own pure concentrates-no fillers, thinners or other additives are added.

Shlimak said: "Our blends or formulas that call them are made with high-quality hemp extracts and spices rich in all-natural terpenes." "We do not add any unnecessary ingredients, such as

, Lipid or MCT oil as carrier material.

Certain regulated products on the market have special effects, such as "sedation" or "waking up." But the endocannabinoid system varies from person to person, so the effect is also the same. Before we know for sure how certain cannabinoids and terpenes will affect a person, there are many things to learn.

Morris said: "The effects experienced by cannabis consumers may vary from person to person." He added that Aurora will not use purchased terpenes to improve the flavor or aroma of the product. This process may change the natural effects of specific varieties. .

Shlimak also admitted that “personal experience may vary from one consumer to another,” but he stated that the company’s goal is to “provide a consistent experience.”

Morin said that in all cannabis products, including cannabis, the correct dosage is a consideration. He makes beginners realize that smoking takes longer than smoking, so he advises them to wait at least 10 minutes when smoking before inhaling again. In addition, THC distillate oil is much stronger than THC in dried flowers, so he urges beginners to choose products containing certain CBD to achieve a balanced experience.

Experienced vaping consumers who are interested in the subtle differences between vape products may wonder that most THC distillates are similar between products-but cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes help to combine one The product is distinguished from another product. He added that the efficacy of vape pens or pods that provide a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes is different from THC distillate products.

"Aurora has established the Vape Quality and Safety Program to help ensure that our vape products use only high-quality cannabis extracts and first-class cartridges and batteries," Morris said. "Our proprietary C

2The resin extractor retains high quality and a large amount of natural terpenes, bringing you a pure atomization experience. "

Shlimak said: "The cartridge is made of high-quality stainless steel parts and is tamper-proof." "Our rechargeable battery has a novel, intuitive design and has a mechanism to prevent overheating. Our formula uses high-quality hemp extract and pure natural rich Made of terpene fragrance-we do not add any unnecessary ingredients such as vitamin E acetate, lipids or MCT oil as carrier materials. We are proud of our latest products, and we are excited for consumers to try them. "




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