Twitter announces Super Follow, charging $5/month for exclusive bad takes

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The network revealed its future plans on Twitter Analyst Day.

Twitter has

With its latest Analyst Day survey results, we have already glimpsed its future plans, including its ambitious goal of increasing its revenue from US$3.7 billion in 2020 to US$7.5 billion in 2023. Twitter is developing a paid service option called "Super Follow". The news only appeared a few days after Jack Dorsey publicly questioned

The paid subscription option will allow people to show appreciation for content creators from different backgrounds, and will have to pay a monthly fee of $4.99. Not clear yet

This option works, but we already have some ideas about how it will affect the nature of Twitter as a free hell site by providing users with the function of a payment wall.

Super Follow is basically a version of Twitter that is used to create more exclusive content layers, such as Patreon or even Substack, which inspires things like

. By using the "Super Follow" option, Twitter users (such as celebrities, analysts, journalists, influencers, activists, educators, market experts, memetic accounts (yes) and many more) can create their own hive And the community.

In addition to "Super Follow" activities, Twitter will also develop a new "


report. In terms of review content, this feature will be more proactive, including notifying users when their tweets receive "negative attention" or "spam responses." Safe mode will also automatically block personal data found to violate Twitter's guidelines on voice and community interaction. Once the account is proved to be abusing the platform, it will restrict your access to the account for 7 days. The user can choose to enable safe mode or keep it inactive.

This is not all. Twitter is studying the "community" option, which is similar to the purpose and nature of Facebook groups. The company is quietly but actively experimenting with other features to understand what they are useful for. Birdwatch, Twitter’s crowdsourced fact-checking community, is one of these experiments.


Let us seriously consider "super attention". If Twitter continues to provide paid subscription services, it can provide content creators and other users (from musicians, journalists, writers to technical analysts, engineers, data scientists, etc.) with considerable leverage in their respective markets and industries And autonomy.

Depending on the value they provide, users may be excited about paying a monthly fee for only accessing certain high-profile and high-quality Twitter accounts. On the other hand, if the user feels as if they have been scammed on another application, super followers may also fall in the face.

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