Thousands of CBD and Delta 8 THC Products Contaminated With Bleach Warns Industry Experts

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Las Vegas, Nevada, October 6, 2020 (Global News)-Generally speaking, we can all agree on one thing: no one wants to smoke or take bleach. However, this is what is currently happening in the CBD industry. No, this is not just a strange isolated case-it is a common problem. According to Julie Helmer, 

, Thousands of Delta 8 THC products are contaminated with bleach, and consumers are the wisest choice. 

Currently, Freshbros does its best to educate consumers and producers on how to avoid bleach in products.

The latest development in the CBD market is the introduction of 

. The reason why Delta 8 THC is so special is that it has the same psychoactivity as Delta 9 THC (which you usually use), but without the anxiety or impairment of function. Most people who have tried both Delta 8 THC and Delta 8 THC products will prefer Delta 8 and describe it as "the highest price for production people."

Advances in technology have allowed the extraction and separation of rare Delta 8 THC compounds for commercial use, such as in the manufacture of Delta 8 Vape pens or Delta 8 gummies. But this is the source of bleaching.

: Delta 8 / CBD distillate is the raw material used to manufacture CBD products.

Manufacturers who are accustomed to using CBD distillate to produce their products will usually expect the clarity of the distillate to be a sign of quality. However, the Delta 8 distillate is naturally a rose color, which requires the use of bleach to make it clear. As Julie Helmer, Chief Operating Officer of Freshbros, said:



The bleaching of Delta 8 THC products is not a malicious problem, but a lack of education. Both consumers and producers should receive basic education about how their products are manufactured and the impact that end users may have on their health. 

 Obtain raw materials from sources that can provide you with rose-colored Delta 8 distillate. If you need the source of the rose fraction, please contact Freshbros to establish a wholesale account. The redder the Delta 8 distillate oil, the more natural it is. Unlike CBD distillate, Delta 8 distillate does not have to be purged. 

 When you go to your local store, please make a note of the brands you like, contact them and ask them what color distillate they use in their products. Otherwise, shop online at trusted stores such as Freshbros, which specialize in using rose-colored distillate in their Delta 8 products.

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