The Valens Company and Verse Cannabis Roll Out Vape Cartridges, CBD Oil, and Hydrocarbon-Derived Crumble in Various Provinces

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August 13, 2020, 17:00 Eastern Time

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) (Global leader in the end-to-end development and manufacturing of innovative products based on "cannabis") (the "Company" or "Valence Company") today announced the launch of various new products as part of a custom manufacturing agreement with Verse Cannabis ("Verse") Together, a group of innovators are committed to bringing cutting-edge product formulations derived from cannabis science to the market. The new product has been released under the two Verse product lines, Verse Originals and Verse Concentrates, with the goal of providing Canadian consumers with high-quality products at an affordable price.

The saliva-rich Tropic Lemon 0.3g and 1g 510 line vape cartridges were first launched under Verse Originals, which is a series of high-value general cannabis products. The 0.3g cartridge refined with plant terpenes can now be used in

, with


Expected to launch 1g value ink cartridges in the next few weeks

. In addition, it is expected that Verse Originals 1:20 CBD oil will be available soon in 2008.

. The high-quality hemp-derived CBD formula is made with high-quality extracts and provides a subtle terpene scent with citrus aromas. In cooperation with Verse, Valens will also use Valens emulsion technology SōRSE to produce and manufacture other products for the Verse Originals product line, including beverage drops.

As one of the first products to enter the Canadian market, the highly anticipated Verse 0.5g crumbled bread is now available in Canada.

, It is expected that 1g product will be in

In the next few weeks, the Verse Concentrates product line will be developed by experienced cannabis users at the forefront of selected ultra-concentrated concentrates. Verse crumbs are precisely made using hydrocarbon extraction methods. It has high THC effectiveness, blueberry and mango, green grape and Thai basil aroma and flavor, and captures the essence of the white rhinoceros strain dominated by d-grass. Valens Company is committed to establishing a commitment to concentrate categories in the United States

Relying on its ability to extract hydrocarbons and further development. Through this unique extraction process, the delicate makeup of the hemp plant is maintained, so that the original combination of cannabinoids and terpenes are retained in the extracted oil, resulting in a refined and consistent final product.

"Canadian cannabis consumers have been waiting for more next-generation products to be on the shelves, and in cooperation with Verse, we have provided two unique product lines, both original and reimagined high-quality cannabis extracts and concentrates. "He said.

Chief Executive Officer of Valence Corporation. "Together with Verse, we aim to set new industry standards for accessibility, quality, price point and value. We have won all these advantages through brand innovation and simple products, and we are confident that we can meet a wide range of consumer needs. ."

For more information about Verse, please visit


Valens Company is a global leader in the end-to-end development and manufacturing of innovative cannabinoid products. Valence is committed to providing first-class proprietary services, including carbon dioxide, ethanol, hydrocarbons, solvent-free and terpene extraction, analytical testing, formulation and product development, and becoming the partner of choice for leading Canadian and international cannabis brands. Custom manufacturing. Valence is the largest third-party mining company in the United States

In our dedicated facility in Florida, the annual production capacity is 425,000 kilograms of dried cannabis and cannabis biomass

It is gradually complying with the European Union (EU) Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Valence currently offers a variety of product forms, including tins, two-piece bottle caps, soft gels, oral sprays and vape pens, as well as beverages, concentrates, topicals, foods, injections, natural health products, and Have a strong product line. Next-generation products are under development for future releases. Finally, the wholly-owned subsidiary of Valence Corporation

It is an ISO 17025 certified cannabis testing laboratory licensed by Health Canada, providing industry-leading analytical services, and has established a plant basic science center of excellence in cooperation with Thermo Fisher Scientific. For more information, please visit

. Investor profile of Valens Company can be found in the following locations

Introduction to Poetry... 

There is clearly a demand for Verse in the market. On the one hand, the shelves of cannabis stores across the country are lined with exquisite brands and distributed flower brands. On the other hand, handicrafts obsessed with quality satisfy the more demanding but expensive needs.

This is the birthplace of Verse's creativity. The best quality cannabinoid-based Gen2 products that anyone can buy. The North Star of a brand is always innovation and quality, but values ​​such as truthfulness and honesty will prevail over bluff and headlines.

Just like the verse of a song or a poem, the creation follows the rhythm rules to attract the audience, so does Verse, which combines creative innovation with scientific rules to provide consumers with an extraordinary experience.

All information contained in this press release, including information about future financial or operating performance and other statements of The Valens Company, which express management’s expectations or estimates of future performance, rather than statements of historical facts, constitute forward-looking Sexual information or forward-looking information. Forward-looking statements within the meaning of applicable securities laws and based on expectations, estimates and forecasts as of the date of this report. The forward-looking statements are included to provide information about management’s current expectations and future-related plans. Use information such as "plan", "expectation", "planned", "trend", "indication", "potential", "estimate", "forecast", "expect", "establish", "believe", etc. whenever possible The word, "intend", "capability" or statement that certain actions, events or results "may", "may", "will", "may", "will" or "may" be taken, occur or the information Negative words or their other variants have been used to identify such forward-looking information. Specific forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, all disclosures regarding future operating results, economic conditions and expected action plans. 

The risks and uncertainties that may affect forward-looking statements include regulatory risks,

Cross-border and travel bans, reliance on permits, expansion of facilities, competition, reliance on cannabis supply and reliance on other key inputs, reliance on senior managers and key personnel, general business risks and responsibilities, and reliance on the cannabis industry Regulation, laws, regulations and guidelines, legal compliance, reliance on a single facility, limited operating history, susceptibility to rising energy costs, adverse publicity or consumer perception, product liability, risks related to intellectual property rights , Product recalls, difficult forecasts, product management growth and litigation, many of which are beyond the control of Valens Company. For a more comprehensive discussion of the risks faced by Valens, this may cause Valens’s actual financial performance, performance or achievements to be materially different from the estimated future performance expressed or implied by forward-looking information, or forward-looking statements, please refer to The latest annual information form of The Valens Company, which has been submitted to the Canadian Securities Regulatory Agency at:

Or on the Valens website

. The risks described in such annual information sheets are hereby incorporated by reference. Although the forward-looking statements contained in this article reflect management’s current beliefs and reasonable assumptions, based on information available to management as of the date of this announcement, Valens cannot determine whether actual results are consistent with such forward-looking information. . Valence cautions you not to rely too much on any such forward-looking statements. Unless required by applicable laws, Valence does not assume any intention or obligation to update or revise forward-looking statements due to new information, future events or other reasons. Nothing in this article should be construed as an offer to sell or an invitation to induce the purchase or sale of The Valens Company securities.

Source: Valence Corporation

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