The Torrington Telegram | Public Notice No. 7709

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Released on February 11, 2021



Goshen County)


The Torrington City Council will hold its regular meeting at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, February 2, 2021, in the City Council Chamber at 436 East 22nd Street. Attendance: Mayor Adams, City Councillor Kelly, Ginny, Patterson and Steinbock. Also in attendance were: Clerk/Treasurer Strecker, Eddington Lawyer (Eddington), Huggins Director of Public Works, Johnson Police Chief, Estes Building Officer and Deputy Secretary of Anaya City.

Mayor Adams called a meeting.

Police Chief Johnson (Johnson) led the pledge of allegiance.

Mayor Adams presented Teri Shinost with the Community Hero Award.

Mayor Adams presided over the meeting and issued information announcements on the following items: 1.

Wyoming State Assembly update; 2. Remind that the public hearing for the 2021 liquor license renewal will be held at the 02-16-21 council meeting; 3. Remind the public that the sidewalk must be cleared within 24 hours after snowfall; 4. Update 01-14 -21 storm event/power outage maintenance; 5.

COVID-19 vaccine update; 6. COVID-19 update; 7. Goshen County mask task reminder and COVID-19 recommendations; and 8. July 4th fireworks display update.

Congressman Patterson moved, Congressman Kinney approved the agenda, which included all records since the release of the 01-19-21 board meeting minutes, and approved all actions in it. The bill passed unanimously.

Congressman Steinbock moved, and Congressman Kelly agreed to approve the proposed agenda. The bill passed unanimously.

Eddington lawyers read the amendment and re-enforce the regulations of Article 18.16.020 of the Torrington City Code of 2021 according to the title, regarding Torrington, Wyoming, and through the establishment of the “R-2” district Modifying the regional distribution map Land councillor Jinney moved, and councillor Steinbock passed the bill and passed it on second reading. The bill passed unanimously.

Eddington lawyers read the regulations in Article 1.08.010 of the Torrington City Code 2021 Revised by the title, which are related to holidays. Congressman Patterson moved, and Congressman Kelly passed the bill and passed it on second reading. The bill passed unanimously.

There is an ordinance attached to the title of Eddington Lawyer (Eddington), which is attached to the real estate company called Torrington, Wyoming, at Gillington Airport. He said the series of decrees to be followed involve land previously purchased by Torrington but never annexed. Attorney Eddington said that because New York City is the owner of real estate, it can circumvent the statutory regulations on merger reports and public hearings. Congressman Ginny moved, and Congressman Patterson passed the regulation through first reading. The bill passed unanimously.

Eddington lawyers read with the title that the ordinance is attached to Torrington, Wyoming, within the scope of the real estate company, and is regarded as a supplement to Miller Airport. Congressman Kelly moved, Congressman Steinbock borrowed it and passed the regulation. The bill passed unanimously.

Eddington lawyers (Eddington) have an ordinance attached to the title. The ordinance is attached to the company of "Torrington, Wyoming, Real Estate" and is called "Lance Airport". Congressman Ginny moved, and Congressman Patterson passed the regulation through first reading. The bill passed unanimously.

Police Chief Johnson (Johnson) proposed an amendment to the Policy Manual to approve the establishment of an expanded job distribution policy. He said that the new policy will encourage Torrington Police Department (TPD) employees to gain growth, learning and career opportunities by extending the time allocated for tasks. Police Chief Johnson stated that the extension of the mission is to meet the TPD’s needs in filling key positions, which require more important training and experience than patrol officers, but do not require supervision and control over promotion. The two positions included in this policy are detective and school resource officer (SRO). Congressman Jinney moved a motion, and Congressman Steinbock agreed to approve the amendment to the policy manual regarding the development of an extended task assignment policy. The bill passed unanimously.  

A bill from 01-20-21 to 02-02-21 was submitted for payment. Congressman Patterson moved, and Congressman Kelly agreed to approve the bill for payment. The bill passed unanimously.

Mayor Adams solicits public opinions, questions or concerns.

Mayor Adams thanked KGOS/KERM and Torrington Telegram for all their efforts to keep the public informed.

Street/Sanitation Supervisor Hawley invited the Mayor and City Hall to visit the baler facility to demonstrate the new bagging system in use, and to visit the landfill to see all the major changes that are taking place.

Assemblyman Ginny congratulated Korinne John for obtaining a doctorate and starting a career in chiropractic.  

Congressman Kinney said that Jenn Marsden-Garcia asked the community to support the "National Red Day" on 21/2/05 to raise awareness of heart disease by wearing red.

Congresswoman Steinbock moved, and Congressman Patterson agreed that there were no other matters to discuss until the mayor and council adjourned at 7:42pm. The motion was passed unanimously.

The following bill payments were approved: 70128 Black Mountain Energy Utilities Company-Gas 5016.93; 70129 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC withholding payroll 39.00; 70130 SIMON Contractor Airport Runway Project 198942.61; 70131 South Torrington Water and Sewage Treatment Plant Museum Water/Sewage Treatment Plant 74.63; 70132 STANDARD INSURANCE CO Senior Long-Term Disability 1766.00; 70133 Torrington Employee Insurance Option Flexible Contribution 2886.94; 70134 WY Income Business Tax Department 18329.29; 70135 WY Retirement System Torr Vol EMT Pension 37.50; 70136 FORSCHER, JOSEPH Deposit Refund Section 91.81; 70137 L SERAFINA A. Deposit refund 19.85; 70138 HENKELS & MCCOY INC. Refund of fire hydrant table deposit minus fees 1629.80; 70139 21st Century Equipment Co., Ltd. Oil Filter 19.79; 70140 AJS SODA SHOP Birthday Gift Card 180.00; 70141 AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOC Membership Update 344.00; 70142 ATCO International Air Freshener, Garbage Box deodorant 592.60; 70143 TORRINGTON's new features of the benchmark PC 407.75; 70144 BLOEDORN LUMBER CO-TORRINGTON retu rn, screws, U-bolts, driver sockets, fasteners, nuts, washers, wires, flat zinc strips, galvanized Steel quick link 84.25; 70145 BOMGAARS SUPPLY INC. Tape measure, air pump, mouse trap, snow shovel, screw, filter, work clothes, boots, hinge bolt, pipe door hinge, screw/bolt hook, heater, oil return pipe, triangle belt, drain pipe, spray paint, cable puller , Wire rope clamp, anchor shackle, plug fuse, duplex socket 601.55; 70146 BORDER STATES INDUSTRIES INC. Conduit, cutout, earmuffs, saddle, hub, cable locator, copper wire, triple wire, wire, coupling, photoelectric eye, floodlight, meter cover, extension cord male/female end, meter base, 2-hole belt 6337.02; 70147 BROWN CO replacement chain, return, filter, element, tire/wheel 493.67; 70148 CNA SURETY guarantee notarization renewal 50.00; 70149 CDW GOVERNMENT LLC power adapter 85.77; 70150 CITYSERVICEVALCON LLC Phillips 66 terminal maintenance fee 16.00; 70151 CITYSERVICEVALCON LLC Aviation Gas 17590.22; 70152 TORRINGTON City Postage, Lien/Lien Release Application Fee, Ownership Fee, Easement 90.95; 70153 CO DOORWAYS INC. Onsite installation 2314.00; 70154 CONTRACTORS MATERIALS INC. Lathe, reverse paint 330.00; 70155 CULLIGAN TORINGTON drinking fountain rental, water, salt 256.00; 70156 DECKER, STEVE antifreeze 69.00; 70157 DOOLEY OIL INC. Aircraft Engine Oil 45.58; 70158 Northern Exposure Computer Center Battery 29.99; 70159 ENERGY LABORATORIES INC. Laboratory test 1148.00; 70160 FASTENAL CO battery, hole installation, variable meter, bleach, cable tie 242.89; 70161 FIRED UP RESCUE LLC intrinsically safe helmet safety multifunctional flashlight 417.02; 70162 FLOYD'S TRUCK CENTER INC. Turn signal switch 64.85; 70163 G & L CONCRETE concrete 948.00; 70164 PRO quality pest control rodent control 130.00; 70165 HACH CO dpd free chlorine reagent can quickly fill vials 291.17; 70166 HAWKEYE DIGGING & HAULING LLC drag seals for landfills 2340.00; 70167 HAWKINS INC. Sodium hydroxyl 50% diaphragm 2435.37; 70168 USABLUEBOOK printer ribbon, traceable conductivity standard solution, eyewash bottle, pH buffer solution package 141.31; 70169 HONNEN EQUIPMENT bulldozer rental unit 13 closed 6960.00; 70170 HUB INTERNATIONAL MOUNTAIN STATES LIMITED accreditation increased by 2020 Rental of landfill equipment by John Deere 44.00; 70171 IDEAL LINEN / BLUFFS FOLILITY SOLUTION cleaner, garbage bags, urinal screen, tissue 758.10; 70172 INTOXIMETERS INC. Cigarette holder kit 70.00; 70173 JAMES A. EDDINGTON PC city prosecutor extended working hours by 180.00; 70174 POWERPLAN repair humidity sensor/dipstick tube is damaged 1325.97; 70175 LN CURTIS&SONS multi-gas detector, electronic gas cylinder holder, ​​calibrated aluminum Making gas cylinders, the Milky Way automatic test system 4322.73; 70176 LEAD DOG TRUCKING LLC hauls clay from the lower pit, requiring wind of 2430.00; 70177 MATHESON TRI-GAS INC. Medical oxygen 53.95; 70178 MCI A VERIZON CO long distance / 911 callback 6.76; 70179 MCKEE, KAREN R. & MARTIN B. Velcro, seat repair 101.00; 70180 MERITAIN HEALTH INC. Senior Member/Life Management 39739.65; 70181 National Fire Protection Association Membership Renewal 175.00; 70182 NORTHWEST PIPE FITTINGS INC. Adapter, bushing, compression joint/stop, return, pure core polyethylene, clamp 1690.93; 70183 ENVIRO SERVICES INC. Laboratory analysis 120.00; 70184 Pinito Bank Health Insurance non-insurance employee premiums/medium position 10316.28 in Torrington; 70185 QUADIENT FINANCE USA INC. New postage 632.07; 70186 R&R PRODUCTS INC. Front tooth bolt 60.42; 70187 WY AIRPORT SERVICES LLC airport operator contract 1666.67; 70188 WY AIRPORT SERVICES LLC air fuel, repair 3251.80; 70189 TEAM CHEVROLET replacement trailer brake switch 304.38; 70190 SMITTY'S REPAIR SERVICE welding/repair lawn mower deck 394.78; 70191 SNOW CREST CHEMICALS LLC hot water closed loop contract 125.00; 70192 SWIFT COMPLY software upgrade 1356.00; 70193 TEAM LABORATORY CHEMICAL LLC herbicide 483.00; 70194 TORRINGTON employee insurance premiums 85443.51; 70195 TORRINGTON FIRE DEPT professional services, Wyoming firefighter pension 2602.08; 70196 TORRINGTON OFFICE SUPPLY supply plan, legal mat, label paper, plate making machine, file folder, file folder/toner cartridge, electronic tape, fountain pen, rubber band, coffee filter, divider, binder, cover material, thorny clear Report, audio record order, storage box, pencil, sharp tool, report cover, stapler, marker, envelope, custom cut paper, copy paper, folder fastener, note 1509.16; 70197 TORRINGTON Rural Fire District. #3 Prepaid elevator car with 75% city share 131596.50; 70198 TORRINGTON VISION CLINIC PC safety glasses 452.00; 70199 TRANS-WEST INC. Lamp assembly 129.01; 70200 TRIHYDRO CORP WWTP pre-treatment design 10244.83; 70201 TRI-TECH FORENSICS INC. Evidence sealing tape 91.00; 70202 CENTURYLINK TVFD phone, data cable 2871.83; 70203 VERIZON WIRELESS mobile phone, data tablet/laptop, camera 607.87; 70204 grain winch 240.30; 70205 water information sharing and analysis CNT annual membership 524.00; 70206 Western Region Electricity Manage the operation and maintenance of the billing Torrington substation to recover funds 4057.73; 70207 WYO ASHER SHERIFFS and CHIEF OF POLICE WASCOP dues 250.00; 70208 WY DEEP AGRICULTURE agricultural waste landfill scale license renewal 40.00; 70209 WY DEPT transportation Torr /Industrial Park Avenue, Torr/U.S. 85 Realign/Enhc, Industrial Park Avenue II, Citation 161.39; 70210 WY Law Firm General Background Check 15.00; 70211 WY MACHINERY Motor Transformation 35264.63; 70212 WY WATER ASSOCIATION membershi p membership fee 500.00; 70213 YUNG, KENT and TAMMY credit refunds 142.84; 70214 DAVIS, NATHAN deposit refund 6.73; 70215 MILLER, ABIGAIL deposit refund 51.15; 70216 DUNCAN, ERIC & SHELLY deposit refund 37.49; 70217 PARKER III, ERNEST deposit refund 23.82; 70218 WALLACE , SHANNON deposit refund 1.30; 70219 STRICKER, GARY deposit refund 143.43; 70220 LUCERO, DENISE ambulance excess refund 584.80; 70221 ROBBINS, RAYMOND ambulance excess refund 1100.00; 70222 TORRINGTON city withholding pay slip 540.44; 70223 DENT, DAVID A. Pro payable 7.37; 70224 Family Support Registered Salary Withholding 235.97; 70225 Gaoshen CO District Court Secretary Salary Withholding 100.00; 70226 GREAT-WEST TRUST CO LLC Salary Withholding 2575.00; 70227 Medical Aviation Service Association Medical Aviation Transportation Insurance 1577.00; 70228 Medical Aviation Services Association Air Transportation Insurance 1596.00; 70229 New York Life Salary Withholding 359.37

Announcement No. 7709 issued in the Torrington Telegram on February 12, 2021.


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