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For those who like wax on the go, squeezing a quick nibble net here may be a little troublesome. Thankfully, crayons are becoming more and more popular in the cannabis market, which makes discreet DAB screens easy and convenient.

Crayons or smear pens are vaporizing pens specifically designed to vaporize cannabis concentrate. The most basic form of crayon is composed of atomizer, heating coil and cigarette holder. Crayons have tanks or chambers filled with concentrated liquid, heated and sucked in as vapor. In addition to convenience, crayons are healthier than smoking festivals, pipes or pipes.

The applicator pen comes in various shapes and sizes to suit different users. Here, we will take a look at the best crayons under $50 for use anytime, anywhere.


It is the lightest crayons on the market today. The magnetic connection and one-button control make it very easy to use, while its compact design makes it truly portable. With its 100% ceramic heating element, Dabber Light can instantly produce delicious clouds.

It is heated in about 25 seconds, and it only takes about 10 minutes to fully charge. The pen consists of a durable aluminum or titanium case. However, if you need to replace the new atomizer after the old atomizer has completely failed, you can easily replace the atomizer. Not only that, you can also get an additional wick-wrapped titanium atomizer, which includes two cigarette holders, so you can switch flavors as needed.

Yocan Evolve Plus is one of the most reliable and affordable crayons for tap enthusiasts on the move. Encased in a sleek metal body, this small pen can be stuffed into the pocket of a ski jacket or thrown into a picnic basket without worrying about spilling.

Yocan has chosen to use dual quartz coils on the traditional fiber core of this device. This means that the taste and aroma of the concentrate will not change when heated. Equipped with a 1100 mAh battery, the device can heat up quickly, provide continuous heat for 15 seconds, and can be used for multiple times before it needs to be recharged.

As a reward for busy busy people, Yocan Evolve Plus has a built-in silicone container to store additional concentrates. This means you will never be short of taps on the go.

Very suitable for tapping on a budget. In addition, due to its humble design, it is the most secret way to hide your favorite concentrate. The tiny body of the evaporator can hold a borosilicate glass cavity large enough to provide you with healthy concentrated minerals. The quartz rod heats the concentrate evenly and effectively without destroying the flavor and aroma of the material.

It is also very easy to use. Simply load the concentrate into the chamber and press the power button five times. This safety feature is

Prevent you from killing the battery and wasting materials when you throw it into your gym bag or wallet during the journey. This crayon is small but powerful, and is very suitable for busy civilian professionals.

The concentrating pen is small and smooth, equipped with a double ceramic rod and a titanium coil atomizer, which can be heated quickly and release a large amount of vapor. It is only made of pure food grade materials, so you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals or toxins. This is an excellent portable pen for any beginner in the field of vaping condensed art, or a unique and interesting gift for any connoisseur.

Lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket or purse, it allows you to enjoy all your attention anytime, anywhere. This 20700 high-capacity lithium-ion battery has been carefully designed to last for several days to recharge without spending a few minutes. Its dual ceramic rod and titanium coil atomizer can be quickly heated in a few seconds, and each exhalation will form a huge cloud and a smooth taste.

It is a simple and easy-to-use crayon used to absorb waxy oil. This pen comes with its own charger, and you can even put it on the button to use vape anytime, anywhere! From Atmos, this vape pen is very convenient and offers a hit rate comparable to your DAB rig. If you are looking for a substitute for hard wax, or are looking for wax upgraded from fumigation, please grab this pen and evaporate it!

With the click of a button, the device can be heated immediately, and has a ceramic heating chamber, which can evenly heat the material and provide an amazing e-cigarette experience. In addition, its convenient size and portability mean you can take the device anywhere-get ready to say goodbye to smoking forever!

It is an all-in-one bag vaporizer designed to meet your needs. Its ergonomic shape is both easy to carry and easy to carry, and it is equipped with a collapsible silicone storage box to increase durability. Magneto has a powerful ceramic heating chamber and a fully metalized air flow structure, which can produce a smooth and full vape. The simple magnetic connection makes it easy to add wax and clean the wax.

It is also the first wax evaporator to insert the silicone wax container directly into the cigarette holder! By chemically forming the silicon around the Yocan Quartz Dual Coil, it is possible to create a storage room that is both waterproof and heat-resistant.

It is a small handheld device that combines elegant simplicity with the best features. The vape can extract essential oils from your favorite wax, which produces a smooth and powerful stretching effect every time you pull.

The traditional glass bowl chamber is equipped with a ceramic disc atomizer to optimize the purest flavor when taken directly from the device. New features included

It is an elevated airflow system. The flow regulation system regulates the air above the heating coil, while the mouthpiece applies suction to draw steam towards your lungs.

It is a cute vape pen that allows you to absorb oil or wax easily. The glass chamber allows you to see that the concentrate turns into vapor upon impact, and the battery life on this suction cup can last (approximately) forever.

It is very easy to clean this bad boy, and this is the portable evaporator we expect. This

With two mouthpieces, one mouthpiece is on the go, the other mouthpiece is at home. If there is a simple ON/OFF switch, this thing is actually very difficult to use.

Here are some professional tips for becoming an economic stonemason.

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