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Many people think that clean water will flow from the faucet every time you turn on the faucet. But this security comes at a price. Disinfectants in municipal water systems (such as chlorine) make the water safe to drink, but they leave behind by-products that you might not want to bathe. Your water system may also contain trace amounts of heavy metals, drugs, and bacteria. To


Well water is not exempt from health concerns. Runoff and pollution in agricultural areas are serious problems.

Regardless of your water source, most households without a whole-house filtration system can benefit from shower filters. The best shower filters use multiple layers of various materials to filter out harmful chemicals, heavy metals and other by-products from the water you bathe in. When water passes through these layers, the filter media traps harmful substances. Only pure water can penetrate your hair, skin and nails.

The best shower filters can last hundreds or thousands of showers. They should be strong and durable, easy to handle, and use materials that can intercept any garbage in the water supply. This guide will help you choose the best filter to remove possible contaminants, so you can easily bathe in the shower (and bathe easily and easily).

The disinfectant in our water supply kills microorganisms and

, But these disinfectants have some risks. They can interact with natural organic compounds found in water and produce so-called

The water supply is limited, about 50 to 100 parts per million. A small amount may not harm you, but a large amount brings real risks. This is why some people don't want DBP at all.

Exposure to DBP and other pollutants through water is particularly intense. They can enter your lungs and skin. The steam gushing from the shower is full of tiny particles. Because your lungs have a large surface area, they can absorb these fine particles from the air during or even after the shower. (From this perspective, a shower filter can even improve the air quality in your home.) You can also absorb water through the pores on your skin (the body's largest organ). Taking a shower exposes your skin to 10 to 20 gallons of water, far more than the amount of water you can drink in a day.

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Tips: Unfiltered bath water, especially hard water, may cause dry skin, hair loss and nail problems. The best shower filter can help with your water supply.

Different filter media may target different pollutants or provide other benefits. Some filters are more powerful than others, and some models may be more suitable for your pipeline. The following are the different types of shower filters on the market.

The shower head filter has a built-in filter system designed to replace your existing filter

. They look like standard shower heads. You can also find a handheld detachable model that contains a filter element inside the handle. If you already use detachable nozzles, then they are a good choice.

However, these handheld devices generally cannot provide more filtering capabilities than online filters. Although some do use multiple layers of filter media, this increases their functionality. Some models can also use aroma filters to make the water emit a pleasant smell. This feature is especially important for people with the smell of hard water and the smell of eggs.

The built-in shower filter is a small bucket, which is directly connected to the pipe behind the shower head. The filter is screwed onto the pipe, and then the shower head is screwed onto the filter.

These types of shower filters use large, easily replaceable cartridges that contain multiple (or multiple stages) filtration. Carbon, calcium sulfite, vitamin C, ceramic balls and silver will block bacteria, DBP and other harmful substances.

The built-in shower filter is easy to maintain. The main body of the filter is divided into two halves, allowing you to use the filter element. The duration of the ink cartridge is 650 to 1300 or more.

If you want the best of both worlds, you can double these options for greater filtering capabilities.

Since these units use standard accessories, they will be connected to each other. The water will first pass through the in-line filter and immediately remove most of the contaminants. Once the water enters the shower head, the built-in filter will remove all remaining contaminants.

You still need to replace the built-in filter as recommended (after each 650 to 1300 showers), but this modification should make the sprinkler filter last longer.

Multi-layer carbon filters use multiple layers of carbon and other media to safely remove sediment and bacteria from the water, such as chlorine, VOC (volatile organic compounds), lead, and fluoride.

Each layer targets specific types of contaminants. For example, carbon can remove chlorine, sediment particles, VOCs, and any malodors or odors. A popular source of this carbon is granular activated coconut charcoal.

Multi-stage carbon filters are cheaper than other options. However, the hotter the water, the less effective the charcoal filter will remove chlorine.

The KDF (Motion Degradation Flux) filter is slightly more expensive than the charcoal filter, but it is still an affordable option. The KDF filter contains copper-zinc media. They remove metals, chlorine and hydrogen sulfide from water through a chemical process called redox.

Unless you have a degree of chemistry, redox reactions will be complicated. Essentially, the KDF medium transfers electrons from harmful pollutants and completely changes its chemical composition. (

. . . Provides more reading materials. ) Redox essentially makes pollutants harmless.

Some filters and spray heads provide a layer of KDF filtration in a multilayer filter element to provide additional protection against heavy metals.

Although there is still controversy regarding its efficacy, vitamin C may neutralize the chlorine added to the water supply. When the water is dechlorinated, the vitamin C particles in the handle or filter cartridge will add nutrient powder to the water stream.

Some people think that these filters are just a luxury trend and do not affect the chlorine content at all. But vitamin C

, So it can change the health of the skin and hair.

Moreover, there is no problem with the small amount of vitamin C sprayed from the shower head. Therefore, if you want additional antioxidants, please add a vitamin C filter after the in-line filter, or buy a filter element with a vitamin C layer.

In addition to the range of filter types available, there are other considerations you need to consider when choosing the best shower filter for your home. Consider how long the filter can be used, what it can filter out, and what the device is made of.

The filters themselves are not very expensive unless you have to replace them frequently. Consider using easy-to-find, durable, reasonably priced filters. You can use the manufacturer's replacement filter or universal filter. Shop around and you will find that the filter can last for more than 1,300 showers.

For detachable shower heads with media and aroma filters in the handle, make sure to find a shower head that is easy to maintain. You may change these filters more frequently, so you want it to be a simple process. Some of these devices have particles in their handles. You will not find a universal substitute, but you will find a universal aroma filter.

Most filtration systems claim to be 99.9% efficient, so don't underestimate it. However, manufacturers are particularly shy about what their filters can do. They don't want to overcommit. However, you should know what pollutants these devices target.

The best shower filter should aim to reduce or eliminate:

Most shower filters are plastic. It can last for a long time and will not corrode. You can even find plastic with a finish to match other fixtures in the bathroom. There are many Chrome options. The choice of bronze may be more restricted.

If you want to restrict the use of BPA (bisphenol A) plastic in your home, there are some models that can meet your needs. BPA mimics estrogen, which can accumulate in your body at unsafe levels. This may cause some health problems, especially for babies.

Compared with maintenance, the weight is more than the actual filtration. The water boiler is usually used out of the box. However, when the filter is installed and water is added, the weight increases. Add contaminants and they become even heavier. In tandem filters, all of this will put additional pressure on the water pipe. Heavy objects may bend or even break your pipe, or separate the pipe from the fitting.

The adjustable water filter allows you to select the water flow rate and control the amount of water used. Some shower heads will be adjusted according to the increase in spray, the setting of massage pulse or even the setting of rainfall.

Now you can choose the best shower filter to remove bacteria, compounds and heavy metals from the water supply. These easy-to-maintain models can do the job.

ADOVEL high-output shower heads and hard water filters are an excellent choice for homeowners and guests who want to quickly improve their overall shower health. This rain shower head provides 15 filtration stages, including KDF, carbon, vitamin C and ultra-fine stainless steel mesh. The target of the filter is chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, odors and other deposits.

The shower head can be rotated 360 degrees and angles to accurately provide the required spray. Both the shower head and the filter use standard accessories for easy installation. ADOVEL recommends replacing these filters every three to six months (replacement filters are sold separately).

The AquaBliss high-output vitality shower filter is suitable for people who want to increase filtration but still maintain their existing shower heads. The built-in filter can be installed behind your existing shower head. Therefore, it is hardly obvious.

According to the manufacturer, 75% of the filter media in the device removes contaminants, and the rest adds vitamins and minerals to the water. They say that only 20% to 30% of the media in other filters can remove contaminants. The filter targets chlorine, pesticides, medicines, dirt and odors, and claims to help improve hair, skin and nails.

The filter element can be used for up to six months (replacements need to be purchased separately), but less in hard water.

If you want to reduce pollutants without wasting your budget, then the Geekpure 4-stage universal handheld rain shower filter is worth a look. It has a filter function inside the handle to remove chlorine, hard water and odors, and adds vitamin C to your skin.

This handheld device does not lower the water pressure, so you will enjoy the same spray as usual, only the detergent. Available in blue, orange or pink, they add fun to the children’s bathroom. Please note that this unit is not equipped with a hose, but it will be connected to the existing shower hose.

For those who want to enjoy a spa-like experience in the shower, AquaHomeGroup's 15-stage shower filter and shower head can bring excellent results. It is a rare discovery that the kit is equipped with a metal shower head with a rain shower.

The filter includes KDF, alkaline ceramic balls, activated carbon and calcium sulfite layer to provide high quality water with less contaminants. It targets chlorine, heavy metals, rust, sand and other deposits. The added vitamin E can promote healthy skin and hair.

This sprinkler may be the best choice for homeowners or tenants who are worried that the in-line filter will damage older pipes. Those with older pipes may wish to gently grasp the water pipe with pliers when installing the filter to ensure that the water pipe is not twisted and damaged.

The built-in filtration system targets chlorine, fluorine and chloramines. It can also remove rust, metal and other deposits in the well bore, thereby softening the water in the well.

Three settings (rain, light rain and massage) can reduce water consumption, so water bills can be saved. However, you may need to replace the smaller filter element more frequently than others, which will cost more (replacement filters are sold separately).

The CraterAquaSystem filter has a 15-stage water filtration function, which includes a silver layer to remove bacteria. The filter also includes KDF, calcium sulfite and activated coconut carbon, which target fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, impurities and other deposits.

The package contains two filters. Each filter can be used for up to six months and can be used for 325 baths or 650 showers. After that, you can buy the manufacturer's substitute (sold separately) or use a standard universal shower cartridge filter.

You can connect any shower head to this device, including handheld and rainwater models.

This online water filter by AquaHomeGroup aims to improve the quality of skin and hair and remove chlorine, bacteria and other contaminants from well water. These 15 stages include coconut activated carbon, KDF, calcium sulfite and vitamin C to provide clean bath water without damaging skin, hair and nails.

It comes with two filters, and AquaHomeGroup recommends replacing them every six to eight months. This makes them one of the longer-lasting cartridges on the list. When you really need to replace it, you can buy a universal ink cartridge (sold separately).

PureAction Vitamin C filter shower head adds natural remedies to its filter media. Tourmaline can improve mood and metabolism. Negative ion balls can make your skin look refreshed. The manufacturer says that a lemon filter infused with vitamin C can increase the concentration and detoxify the skin. Zeolite balls remove heavy metals, chlorine and fluoride.

The handheld device comes with a hose that can be easily connected to your water pipe without tools. The transparent plastic structure creates an interesting and interesting design.

You need to replace the vitamin C filter once a month, and the filter ball every three to four months (all sold separately).

Want to know more? Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about shower filters.

Found heavy metals

They include lead, iron, mercury, arsenic and nickel. Your new filter will remove it from the water.

No tools are required for installation. You unscrew the old shower head from the pipe joint, wrap the pipe threads with Teflon tape, and then tighten the new filter in place. You can repeat the process of screwing the shower head to the filter. Remember to only tighten by hand.

It depends on how many people live in the family. Generally speaking, three to six months is the service life of a household shower filter.

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