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Home printers are more necessary than ever, so choosing the right printer is very important.

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Copy by David Phelan

In most parts of the UK, when we switch to homework out of necessity, many families have to print school worksheets when we are looking for our children to go to school. It is no wonder that many retailers are struggling to keep printers in stock. Nowadays, the need for smart, small machines for fast printing is obvious.

It depends on what you want to print. Only documents or photos first? How about a greeting card or CD label? Do you need large paper, A3 paper or ordinary A4 paper can meet your needs?

Most printers have something in common: most, no matter how cheap, include wireless connection, for example, from the perspective of bedroom comfort, it is more convenient to print to the machine in the study.

Many printers can also be used as copiers and scanners-enough for occasional use.

Most printers use inkjet cartridges. There are laser printers, but they are more suitable for office use. Oh, and there is another reason: inkjet ink is expensive because you will find the ink cartridges refilled for the first time. Wait a short time, because many printers are equipped with entry cartridges, that is, they contain very little ink.

Sometimes, you may buy more ink cartridges for offline, thus making the printer cheaper. Some printers have only two ink cartridges-one for black ink, and one printer with three color ink cartridges in one unit (cyan, magenta, and yellow).

If you can buy a printer with more ink cartridges, you can reduce the chance of throwing away a combination ink cartridge that still has a lot of yellow ink. Some printers have switched to ink tanks that are much larger than ink cartridges to save money, while others offer subscription payments so you will never run out of ink.

If you want to print wirelessly from a mobile phone, please pay attention to Apple AirPrint for iPhone. Many manufacturers have their own applications to provide other functions.


Stable performance

Like the HP Deskjet above, this printer can choose ink ordering to ensure that you will not run out of ink at the most inconvenient moment. It is also another printer with built-in fax, such as Brother MFC-J5335DW.

The touch screen interface is efficient and easy to use. Although the printer contains only four colors of ink, black in one ink cartridge and three colors in the other ink cartridge, although the photos look good, the printer still handles documents well.

The only drawback is that the design takes up more space than you want.


Long lasting ink

The word "EcoTank" in the title tells you that the printer comes with a large water tank, and you can refill the bottle with water to ensure that no ink spills. Epson said it is equipped with ink equivalent to 88 ink cartridges, enough to print 14,000 pages of black ink and 5200 color pages.

The storage tank is certainly very convenient, although there will be a period of waiting for the first time the storage tank is filled when the system is initialized, it will continue to run.

This is not a small printer, partly due to the ink cartridges, but it looks good and the print quality is great. It is also very simple to use and has the same reliability as Epson printers.


Basic printing

This is a functional device, that is, there is no scanning or photocopying.

It also lacks a Wi-Fi connection, so you need to plug it into a computer to print from the computer, which may not be suitable for multi-laptop home use.

However, although the speed is not fast, the print quality is quite good in both black and white and color. It can process photos, but can only print on 10 x 15cm paper. Like printers, the price of replacing ink cartridges is reasonable, which is good.

The build quality is definitely average, but it doesn't matter, the printer is noisier than the printer here. But it is very cheap.


Simple usage

This is a reasonably priced and attractive machine, and its multi-button panel on the left edge makes the machine easy to use. It is simple and effective, and the print quality is good.

HP has a system called "Instant Ink": the printer checks the ink level, and when the ink level drops below a certain level, it will automatically order more ink online.

The ink is paid through a subscription, and the price starts at 99 pence per month. HP says that the automation of the system means that ink is cheaper, but remember that you will have to pay every month before canceling your subscription. This model comes with four months of ink.


All-round use

Epson printers are very suitable for sturdy structure and higher efficiency.

The model has six inks, so it can deliver photos more realistically. The moderately sized touch screen panel on the front is very easy to use. The wireless network is easy to set up and works well.

Like many printers, this printer is capable of double-sided printing, and one of the two paper trays is used for photo paper. The documentation is clear and the photos look great, which makes it a fast and reliable decent multifunction printer.



Canon's printers are efficient and reliable. The company's performance in photo printing is not surprising, because Canon is also an excellent camera brand. This printer is very suitable for photos because it has six inks, one of which is called "Photo Blue", which is specifically used to improve photo quality.

You can print on a variety of paper, and there is a rear input tray, which can be used for thicker media, such as photo media. The printer is sturdy, fast and effective, with good wireless connectivity and useful features, such as SD memory card slot.

The Canon print application is very useful and versatile, for example, you can print directly from your smartphone, Google Drive or Dropbox.


Large format printing

If you need to make larger prints, whether it is a detailed chart or spreadsheet that cannot be read on A4, or a large photo with greater impact, then you need a larger printer.

This sturdy workhorse does take up more desktop space and cannot be solved, but it is actually more compact than you think, and there are many A4 printers that are almost the same size.

But this is a powerful and effective machine, and the same as document printing, its photo quality is also high. The speed is not super fast, but it is a good choice.


Home office printing

This is the ideal choice if you use the printer for a lot of work. It may not be the most beautiful machine, but it is powerful, including scanner, copier and A3 printing capabilities. Despite the paper size, it is not much larger than many conventional printers. It even includes faxes, and this is rare, even faxes.

In order to achieve ambitions, it can quickly print documents. Photos are noticeably slower, which is not surprising, but the quality is good for photos and good for documents.

Although you can print to A3, the scanner is limited to A4 content. Large paper boxes mean that even when doing large print jobs, the paper boxes will not be filled endlessly.

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