Tests on vaping cartridge raise lead concerns; two sold locally

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After a month-long ban, Vaping products have recently returned to the shelves of cannabis companies. But this does not mean that national review has ceased.

The Cannabis Control Board released test results on 109 vaping products that were quarantined during the ban on Thursday. None of these products contain vitamin E acetate, which is the ingredient most closely associated with severe lung disease rashes. However, according to the committee, there are 13 products with excessive lead content, some of which are sold in local stores.

Among the 13 products recognized by the committee as high in lead content, 2 are "DART pod" electronic cigarette devices, which have been sold at INSA in Easthampton.

When talking about its testing, the committee said: “Each of these products has successfully complied with the test protocol before being sold.” “However, when tested again this month, the lead content of the 13 products mentioned above exceeded the limit. Allowable level."

To fail the state's lead test, lead must be tested at a level of 500 parts per billion (ppb) or higher. The committee did not determine which store its 109 samples came from. It only provided the product name, test laboratory, test date, and the results of vitamin E acetate and heavy metals.

A spokesperson for the European Commission said that because the investigation is still ongoing, the agency cannot confirm which manufacturers or retailers are involved in the test results.

However, the bulletin found that at least two products were sold locally, and the committee identified the product as lead-contaminated. The products "DART-Jack Herer-500MG" and "DART-Northern Lights-500MG" have the same name on the INSA website.

The lead content of the first atomization box was found to be 645.5 ppb, while the test content of the latter was 762.9 ppb. The vaping pod is listed as "unavailable now" on the INSA website.

INSA CEO Mark Zatyrka said in a statement that the company takes this issue "very seriously".

Zatyrka wrote: "Insa is committed to complying with all applicable testing and consumer safety laws and regulations." "We are working with the industry to find out why certain products that have now passed certain rigorous state tests, in a few weeks When the retest was conducted, it was determined that a different result was produced."

Zatyrka said that since the state first banned the use of e-cigarettes, INSA has not sold any e-cigarette products in Massachusetts.

“We hope to sell our ink cartridges and pens again soon, but we have decided not to resume sales of darts until we can determine the cause of the difference between the initial test and the retest, Zatilka said. Different results explore several possible explanations-some of which have nothing to do with the product-but until there is no answer, we will not sell Dart products. "

The bulletin also contacted Arizona company 3Win Corp., which is a supplier of vaping hardware (such as DART Pod) manufactured by the Chinese company CCELL. Jeff Sinacori, vice president of 3Win, said in an interview on Monday that the CCELL vaping cartridge is "the safest cart in the industry today."

Sinakori said that when his company sold ink cartridges, they met all California regulations, which also set a threshold of 500 ppb for lead. He said that after sales, his company has nothing to do with the products in the cartridges.

Sinakoli said: "When our shopping carts were tested, they were all tested for lead-free, metal-free, etc." "Up to that moment, they followed all regulations until we backed down. We just sold them. "

When asked if it is possible for the DART pod to immerse heavy metals in the cannabis products in it as in the past

He said no with some other e-cigarette hardware.

He said: "I don't think the DART pod will leak anything into the oil."

The Cannabis Control Board stated that its investigation has not yet been conducted, including isolated e-cigarette products manufactured before December 12.

The committee announced when it released the test results: “These findings clearly indicate that the committee should and will continue to investigate electronic products.” “As other information and findings emerge, the committee will continue to share this information with the public.”

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