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The German configurator is now online, but your work efficiency in the afternoon has vanished.

If you

On the Porsche North America website, you will see a note saying that the configurator will be online in the spring. However, if you visit the European portal, you can access the official 911 GT3 configurator and spend hours customizing the ideal tracking weapon to a crazy level, with the same crazy price.

It opens with color selection, the main color is white, then the German flag color, black, defender red or racing yellow. Extra-cost metal options include Carrara white, black, agate gray, dolomite silver, GT silver and gentian blue, but the "special color" option requires the highest price, at $3,500 each. These include shark blue, crayon, lava orange and python green.


The interior is black and the contrast color is GT Silver, but you can also choose Guards Red or Shark Blue contrast elements. Adaptive sports seats or full bucket seats are internal options, and you can choose the Club Sport package with or without semi-roll cage and fire extinguisher. But, unfortunately, the club sports package


You can also sew colored needles and threads on the nuts, fasten a seat belt, and even paint on the vent panels. The details of the interior can be customized using customizable packaging that uses carbon or aluminum for all possible surfaces. Attractive options elsewhere include larger fuel tanks, ceramic brakes, child seats and Bose surround sound systems.

If you enter the internal options, you can find the most pleasant part of the configurator. You can choose the option of "Vehicle keys painted in exterior color with leather key bag". Click it and you will get a brand new configurator for keys and their leather bags only. You can change the color on the side of the button to match the 13 painting options, and then choose from 18 different stitching colors. Although custom keys are nothing new for Porsche, there is a configurator to choose from.

The level of customization is ridiculous, and the final price is also ridiculous. After wasting too much time, we managed to set the price of the 911 GT3 at more than $218,000 at the current exchange rate. The price in the United States has not been confirmed, but we hope that its price will be at the same level as prices elsewhere, approximately $170,000 without including options.

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