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Actor Seth Rogen is starting his cannabis company in California.

The Superbad actor will start a cannabis business Houseplant in California

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Seth Rogen will launch its marijuana company Houseplant in California next week, where the use of recreational marijuana has been legal since the end of 2016.

On Monday, Rogen posted on Twitter that he has been "working alone

The company has been established for ten years and we can finally launch it in the United States. "

Logan said in his video: "If you didn't know anything about me, I would think I really like weeds."


The actor explained that he will bring consumers the best weed strains. The marijuana connoisseur said: "I mean, hand smoke."

There will be three strains, including pancake ice, with a THC content of more than 30%, which is why Logan "smoking all day".

Houseplant was established in 2019. There are also selected vinyls available for purchase. Each type of vinyl has selected tracks. Customers can smoke each weed and listen at the same time to complete the experience.

In addition, the site will also sell household items such as ashtrays and ceramic bowls.

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It is a partnership between Seth Rogen and the Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth Corporation, the latter partnering with Drake, Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart-the latter’s TV personality has released many health products, including gummies , Soft gels and oil drops and CBD pet care.

Actor and comedian Mindy Kaling responded to Rogen's weed business announcement on Twitter.

"Makes me want to buy weed! And use it! Everyone wants to see the paranoid Indian woman tweetin outside 7 o'clock in the evening!" she posted.

"We also got the mellow weed Mindy!" Logan responded. "This will make you sleep like a comfortable blanket."

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