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Evergreen Packaging used PACK EXPO Connects as an opportunity to showcase its new servo-driven EH-84 gable top packaging machine.


With PLC control and from

. EH-84 is specially designed for the dairy, juice and liquid food markets. It can handle 40 ounces, 64 ounces and 2 liters of filling, and the speed can reach 8,400 boxes per hour.

According to Richard Szyperski, Evergreen’s technical product manager and equipment sales expert, the company’s EQ-70 gable quart machine and 1-L carton topping machine have used servo technology for some time. He said that EH-84 brings servo technology into the popular half-gallon format and represents the learning results learned from previous machine development.

Szyperski said: "Our customer base is looking for this upgrade from mechanical to servo." "For the control platform, Rockwell is an obvious choice, not only because it is what we have used in the past, but also because it is what our customers want. familiar."

Evergreen’s selected motors and drives are Kinetix VPL low inertia servo motors and Kinetix 5700 servo drives. The communication protocol used to connect GuardLogix L83-ES PLC and servo drive is Ethernet IP.

The linear Evergreen filling machine is a dual-channel single-index machine with seven volumetric filling valves per channel. The actuation performed by the servo includes movements such as filling and mandrels on which a flat blank is erected and formed into a gable top carton. Szyperski is particularly satisfied with the increased accuracy achieved in filling. He pointed out: "The filling controlled by a mechanically connected pump is not as accurate as a servo-controlled filling." "And by using a servo on the spindle, we have gained considerable gains in the ability to control positioning. In addition, we can now rotate Mandrels without the need for recycling machines. This brings advantages in terms of cleaning and disinfection." 

The first installation of EH-84 was Smith Foods, a leading producer of milk and plant-based beverages, based in Alville, Ohio. Todd DeRoo, vice president of operations, said that the commercial benefits of servo control are huge. DeRoo said: "We can adjust to almost countless sizes very quickly, and compared to non-servo-controlled similar machines, this may save 50% of the time." "Besides, everything is more accurate. First of all, we really want to Know how the operators will respond to the new technology, but after running the machine for an hour or two, they are reluctant to assign it to the old production line."

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