Secondhand Vape Exposure: Effects, Who's at Risk, and More

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You are passing the bar, and-

-You have walked past a ball of bubble gum-smelling smoke from someone's vape pen. Probably harmless, especially because you are not a smoker, right?

A brief exposure may not be a big deal, but second-hand vape aerosols ("smoke" from vaping) are definitely the same thing, even if it smells like candy.

It is not clear how harmful second-hand e-cigarettes are

It's still relatively new. Its long-term effects are still under study.

So far, what we know is that vape aerosols contain many harmful substances, including:


Compared with people exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke, non-smokers exposed to second-hand vape aerosols absorbed similar levels of nicotine.

In addition to nicotine, smokeless people are also exposed to the ultrafine particles of second-hand vape aerosols, which may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Second-hand vape aerosols also contain several known carcinogens, which may increase the risk of certain cancers.

These carcinogens include:

Second-hand vape aerosols affect everyone, but certain groups of people may have a higher risk of negative health effects.

Vape aerosol poses a particularly high risk to infants and children due to its low weight and developed respiratory system.

According to a

, Even if exposed to low concentrations of vape aerosol components, it may affect the development of the brain and lungs.

We have long known that nicotine exposure during pregnancy is risky. This also applies to nicotine exposed to vape aerosols.

Animal and human studies point out

, Found that fetal nicotine exposure can have adverse effects, including:

Used vape aerosols contain flavoring agents, such as diacetyl, which may

The function of cilia in the airway.

Cilia can help the respiratory tract clear mucus and dirt so that you can breathe. Impaired cilia function and



For people who already have lung disease, exposure to second-hand vape aerosols may trigger symptoms and asthma attacks, and make the disease worse.

According to the results of the 2018 Asthma Survey conducted by Athma UK and the British Lung Foundation Partnership,

Of asthma patients report that smoking or exposure to second-hand vape triggers their asthma symptoms.

When someone is exhaling in the mist, the components of the aerosol will not only radiate into the air, but also radiate

. This is the so-called second-hand smoke (or aerosol).

You can

These components will fall when you touch the contaminated surface.

If you are worried about how your e-cigarette will affect others, the most effective way to protect them is

. But we know that exiting is not easy, and it is not necessarily realistic for everyone.

Even if you are not ready to quit, there are steps you can take to minimize the risks faced by others.

If you want to use e-cigarettes, please do it outdoors. Avoid smoking in houses or cars.

This keeps the air and internal surfaces free of harmful ingredients, so other people should not inhale or touch them on the surface.

Infants and children, pregnant women, and people with allergies and lung diseases are at higher risk of adverse reactions when exposed to second-hand vape aerosols.

Chemicals used to add

Vape juice is considered to be a possible cause of severe and permanent lung damage in the vape population.

Some of these chemicals have also been found in second-hand vape aerosols.

The less nicotine in a vape product, the better for you and everyone around you.

If you use e-cigarettes to help you quit traditional cigarettes, try to gradually reduce your nicotine dose. Eliminating nicotine completely can minimize the risk of nicotine-related side effects for you and others.

For the production and inhalation/exhalation of chemicals, the type of e-cigarette device used is important.

Heating some of the ingredients used in vape juice produces new chemicals, such as formaldehyde. Heavy metals and other contaminants from the heating coil may also enter the steam.

Using products with higher power and temperature settings may produce more harmful chemicals, which may be inhaled by you and the people around you.

Second-hand vape seems to be no big deal, but don't let those sweet scents fool you. The aerosol exhaled from the atomization contains many of the same chemical substances, which have caused serious health consequences for the atomizer.

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