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Teledyne TapTone's new SIT system uses multiple sensors inside the cup filling system to check for poor sealing, damaged or deformed foil lids, and poor sealing at a speed of 200 m/sec.

The new Seal Integrity Tester (SIT) is used to check the cup in the cup filler.

The SIT sensor consists of multiple sensors installed inside the cup filling system. The SIT sensor inspects each cup by compressing the sensor head onto the aluminum foil cover of the cup at a full production machine speed of 200 m/sec or higher. The sensor monitors the deformation of the lid during the compression cycle, and the digital signal processor board calculates and checks the merit value to accept or reject the container with poor sealing and exceeding the merit value limit set by the user.

The system can detect poor seals in the entire sealing area caused by the product during the filling process, deformation or damage of the foil cover to form a good seal, and weak seals due to various problems (including heater temperature out of range).

Teledyne TapTone said that the SIT sensor uses the most advanced DSP processor technology combined with an easy-to-use PC user interface to graphically display "good", leak-free cups in green and cups that leak in "red". . The minimum leak detection specification of the SIT system ranges from 0.006 to 0.008 inches (150 to 200 microns) and has a variety of inspection algorithms that can not only seal integrity, but also detect total leaks and foil misses.

The SIT system can be integrated into the existing filling machine PLC using Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet IP and sensors installed in the vertical bridge behind the sealing head in the filling/sealing system. The bridge will cycle up and down according to the filling index speed. Teledyne TapTone said that bridge control will come directly from the tanker PLC to achieve perfect index timing.

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