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Cannabis extract has existed for hundreds of years, or even longer. Cannabis is a separate product of the cannabis plant, a staple food for cannabis connoisseurs all over the world, and has been popular to this day. In the past few years, as the market for medical marijuana and legal adult use has formed, other types of cannabis extracts have emerged, usually involving chemical extraction methods, resulting in finished products now called broken, waxes and other spreadable substances. However, among all these cannabis, one of the most advanced extracts has recently become the favorite among the most concerned cannabis medical disciples: live rosin.

The difference between live rosin and other cannabis extracts is that it does not require chemical solvents for its production, so it is called solvent-free extracts. Other types of extracts rely on CO2 or butane to strip the tetrahydrocannabinol from the plant material, while the solvent-free extraction completely relies on physical stirring, heating and pressure, so that cannabis plants can be captured without chemicals. The true original organic compounds, such as volatile terpenes, define the aroma of fresh cannabis flowers.

As the demand for solvent-free extracts soars, brands have begun to explore ways to increase production to maintain production. This article examines the various factors that cannabis operators need to consider when adding solvent-free products to their product lineup, and how to plan for growth as production progresses.

When deciding when and how to expand your business, you need to understand your business environment. There is very little business from high-quality production to high-volume production, only one leap. There are many steps and growth stages along the way. The best way to figure out which steps to take first is to fully understand the position and trajectory of your business in the current market position.

The maturity of the market is an important factor to consider. When the market is relatively new, the demand for solvent-free extracts may be low. With the maturity of the market and the improvement of customer education and acumen, demand tends to increase. Starting early can give you an advantage in terms of brand awareness and relationship building, but remember that you may need to cultivate and build demand for the product through your own educational services and marketing.

Consumer statistics in your market may also play an important role in the development of your business. Solvent-free products tend to be more expensive than other extracts, so understanding how and where to attract consumers with disposable income will be an important part of your growth strategy. Solvent-free products are usually the most popular among the most loyal cannabis connoisseurs and influencers: by particularly attracting these customers, you can also benefit from brand building because they organically spread information about your product to their friends And followers.

Having a group of people who are passionate about work will make the expansion work smoother. If you are not the artisan hash machine on the list, who is? This is to fill a key role to ensure consistent quality and innovation in product development. If you are hiring someone for this role, make sure to recruit a Hasher who is passionate and passionate about solvent-free processing, and also has an in-depth understanding of other extraction methods.

Depending on your location, it is difficult to find the ideal candidate to hire. If you or other team members are committed to learning handicrafts,

It’s another way you can explore, but if you do, it’s important to research and collaborate with people who have good advice and a good track record of success.

When selecting a third-party supplier for input materials, several specific factors for solvent-free extraction should be considered. First, are policy makers and major growers aware of the strains that are most suitable for solvent-free extraction? Do they care about it and make them feel excited? How many factories do they have dedicated to the production of solvent-free extracts, and do they focus on growing business areas?

Remember, unlike other extraction methods, solvent-free extraction will make your input material the most important variable that determines the quality of the finished product. In the long run, finding one or more partners who can provide you with consistent high-quality input materials while keeping up with your development will save you a lot of trouble.

Whether as a means to control your own product development results, or simply due to an existing business model, adding your own input materials may be another key factor in your expansion. In fact, vertically integrating your business may be a great way to prepare for scalability. If you do increase your investment, remember that you will need to specifically grow strains that perform well on solvent-free extracts, and as your business starts to accelerate, you will need to weigh the specialization of solvent-free products and other products Advantage product category of canopy space. If you decide to take this path, it is important to have the right talent.

Before deciding which equipment to buy, you should first determine your output goals. Input/output is the way you should make a growth plan and then step back from the goal in order to determine the equipment to invest in. In order to avoid the near-term production bottleneck and provide you with enough room for growth, it is best to double the equipment for hedging on the basis of meeting your basic needs. In addition to production capacity, investing in equipment that improves efficiency is another way to expand growth.

Know your return on investment. Since the extraction process is essentially a physical process rather than a chemical process, solvent-free extraction equipment is often more affordable than closed-loop extraction systems. In other words, it’s important to fully understand your output capabilities and have a solid understanding of sales forecasts before investing: every company’s financial situation is different, but if there is demand and the product quality is high, then In most cases, the return on investment of solvent-free production equipment can be realized in months or less.

When scaling up, you also need to consider the layout of the facility and how the purchase of any new equipment will affect your space. Solvent-free processing equipment can be more easily plugged into corners and does not require as many safety precautions as a closed-loop system. In other words, it is worth considering whether your near-term growth target is: Is your entire production line expanding, or is it just a solvent-free product? This may affect how you choose the devices you want to add to the lineup and where to place them in the device.

The core of your growth strategy should be your understanding of the type of product you plan to develop. In all adult-use markets, the current best-selling solvent-free product is hash rosin or live rosin, which can be smeared or evaporated. In other consumer groups that are just beginning to realize the world of extracts and pastes, there may be greater demand for other types of products, such as solvent-free hash edible foods, vape cartridges, tinctures, etc. In a relatively young market, but your passion is to produce handicraft hash rosin, so you must consider adding more "accessible" solvent-free products to your product lineup to establish a good relationship with customers in your area ,this point is very important.

"Many business owners are surprised when they see the rapid growth in demand for solvent-free products. In order to expand opportunities, it is important to properly plan multiple stages to expand solvent-free production." —Eric Vlosky, Director of Marketing and Business Development, PurePressure

High-quality products can tell everything. Once people experience high-quality products, they are more likely to become loyal customers. That is, in order to establish contact with customers, you first need to convince them to choose your product on all other products on the pharmacy shelf. Having a strong, targeted marketing method can benefit you by building an audience that is receptive and willing to try products.

Having social media, impressive websites and catalog listings are all important, but your main focus should be on the flower buds that will sell your products. Dispatch your most passionate and knowledgeable employees to become ambassadors for them to understand your product lineup. Take the time to teach them the benefits of solvent-free extracts and whole botanicals, and provide them with tools to communicate these benefits to customers. Having a good brand with a story behind it will help caregivers remember you, and investing in product packaging and labels that convey quality will impress customers at a glance, which is good for you (and good for the caregivers).

Helping with free samples of flower buds, they can experience the quality of the products themselves, and they can also give them the brand's stolen goods for free to establish rapport and brand awareness, which does no harm. Part of the task of scaling up is to develop a campaign around the brand, and in the cannabis industry, flower acne is usually the driving force behind new market trends.

When expanding your business in solvent-free extraction, there is no doubt that you will encounter different challenges in the process. The world of cannabis production and product development, whether for adult use or medical use, is a rapidly developing space full of opportunities and risks. Sometimes this may seem daunting, but please don't underestimate the power of faith. If you are true to yourself, your vision and ethics, you will inspire others to follow you on your journey and lay a solid foundation for your business to begin to flourish.



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