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July 30, 2020

Bioprinting is not only a revolution, it is revolutionizing the way we create and use model systems to answer basic biological questions. it is

-Instead of using systems that rely on small molecules or monotherapy to treat symptoms,

Inherent in stem cells and 3D human tissue-like microenvironment

Bioprinting technology has automatic processing, processing and technical scalability, and has made the latest progress in creating 3D cancer and microenvironment models, and the results in the testing and development of new drugs have been improved.

In this small webinar, learn about the following from frontline speakers in cancer research and bioprinting applications:

4D bioprinting is an additive manufacturing process in which cells, biopolymers and growth factors are combined to form a living structure that mimics natural human tissue. Because of these

. Technology Brings

And it is widely used in the fields of bioengineering and medicine, from the application of new product screening in vitro, disease modeling and animal substitution experiment methods to the application of tissue transplantation and regeneration in vivo.

4D bioprinting technology is mainly composed of three parts: biomaterials, bioprinters and design.

The process mainly includes five key steps:

Bioprinting is not only a revolution, it is working on the way we create and use model systems to answer basic biological questions. This is also a revolution in the way we practice medicine. Instead of using conventional systems that rely on the use of small molecules or biological agents to treat symptoms, the focus of bioprinting transfer is to use the inherent healing potential of stem cells. It enables

By using a bioprinted "niche" (niche) to perfuse the body's stem cells, the niche is composed of growth factors, biomaterials and three-dimensional structures.

In an aging world, the ability to create organizations on demand and provide novel methods of regenerative medicine is critical to improving the quality of life.

ROKIT Healthcare (ROKIT) is a global healthcare company that is the first to use its proprietary 4D bioprinting technology to provide the safest and most effective autologous organ regeneration platform for all types of age-related diseases.

ROKIT's patented technology is the result of the integration of expertise in the fields of autogenous regenerative therapy, biomedical engineering and healthcare chain innovation. The DFU skin and cartilage regeneration platform has been certified by the European Medical Agency (EMA) as non-ATMP, thus shortening the time to market and clinical use. ROKIT has completed the US FDA registration for key components of its organ regeneration platform technology (including the 4D bioprinting system called Dr. INVIVO®).

Corporate Video

CEO interview

Partner interview

Korea 4D Bioprinting Technology Open School Activities

Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Dearborn University, Michigan

AAPS 2019 U.S. PharmSci 360 Technical Challenge

Korea ROKIT Healthcare Partner Day Event

University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Politecnico di Torino

Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Colombia

Dr. INVIVO is a 4D bioprinting platform produced by ROKIT Healthcare. To introduce some

, Including:

Currently, the product portfolio of Dr. INVIVO mainly includes Dr. INVIVO 4D2 and Dr. INVIVO 4D6. The product portfolio is constantly expanding to provide applications and tools for specific organizations or specific purposes.

4D bioprinting is widely used in the fields of bioengineering and medicine. It has in vitro applications in new product screening, disease modeling and alternative methods of animal experiments. It has in vivo applications in tissue transplantation and regeneration. For example, ROKIT Healthcare users use 4D bioprinting to develop:

Case study overview

Internet Conference

Publication notice

ROKIT Healthcare collaborates with hospitals and research institutions around the world to transform bioprinting technology from the workbench to the bedside, thereby changing the lives of patients through regenerative therapy for chronic aging-related diseases. It is worth noting that the clinical autologous solution provided by ROKIT for diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) using bioprinted skin patches has been verified by global clinical studies for its safety and effectiveness. The product portfolio of cutting-edge organ regeneration platform technology is continuing to expand to cartilage and kidney regeneration.

Diabetic foot ulcer skin regeneration

Cartilage and kidney regeneration

ROKIT Healthcare is committed to tailoring the best quality tools and services for specific purpose applications of interdisciplinary 4D bioprinting.

ROKIT Healthcare offers the following tools as some examples of the growing product portfolio:

3D cell culture


Biomaterial development

(Dr. INVIVO BioPoly)

Drug research

(Dr. INVIVO Pharm)

cooperate with


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Automation, healthcare, metal additive manufacturing (AM) and bioprinting are the four major themes discussed at the 2021 Additive Manufacturing Strategy (AMS) Summit. The two-day virtual event gathered experts to participate in group discussions...

After years of research methods, the treatment of diabetic foot ulcer (DFU), a Korean 3D bioprinter manufacturer, has been managed, and Rokit Healthcare has finally announced the success of a new DFU regeneration platform based on DFU.

ROKIT Healthcare announced the launch of INVIVO 4D6, a bioreactor-based bioprinting platform with a built-in cell incubator and low-temperature plasma sterilizer. it…

Become part of ROKIT Healthcare's journey to revolutionize research and medicine in a new era of organ regeneration. You can keep up to date with ROKIT Healthcare’s latest events, webinars, conference attendance and R&D progress through the following community pages.






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