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For users who wish to upgrade their home office, Epson’s EcoTank printer combines a printer, scanner and fax machine into one multifunctional device, thus saving time, money and space.

Despite all the technological advancements made in the past decade, most of us are not yet completely paperless. Whether printing shipping labels or keeping hard copies of important documents for our records, printers still have a place in our home office.

That's why we want to take a look at Epson's EcoTank ET-4760 all-in-one cartridgeless super ink cartridge printer to understand whether the upfront investment can be repaid by saving us valuable office space and saving expensive refills.

EcoTank is a compact and small all-in-one machine, very suitable for sitting on the office shelf, on the top of the file cabinet or in the corner of the table. Although it is not the smallest printer, it does have scanning and faxing capabilities, which can reduce the need for other equipment in the home office and ultimately save you a lot of space.

We received the white EcoTank for review, but it is also available in black.

Unlike traditional ink cartridge-based printers, you need to fill the ink tank yourself. Fortunately, this is a simple process, and as long as you are a little careful, it should be relatively mess-free.

We found it easy to refuel the tank, and Epson’s step-by-step guide will take you through all the steps without any guesswork.

Of course, once the printer is full, you will need to connect it to your home network. We have used EcoTank printers in the past, so we already know what will happen, but we admit that connecting the printer to your home network via WiFi is a bit cumbersome, but not difficult.

Using the touch screen display, we were able to open the printer's network settings, find our home network, and then enter our password. The connection only took a few seconds.

After connection, you can easily print via iPhone, Mac, PC or Android phone.

If you choose to use an Ethernet cable, you just need to put it in the router-no need to bother.

Since the printer is connected to the home network, most computers and devices should print without installing any additional drivers. However, if needed, Epson does provide a set of software for printing and scanning.

When printing, EcoTank is a standard printer. For industry standard black and white printing, the average is about 15 pages per minute, and for standard color printing, the average is about 8 pages per minute.

Of course, if you want to print high-resolution artwork or photos, it will take longer.

The real reason why printers really shine in home offices, dorms or small offices is the ability to print on both sides.

Everything we print from EcoTank looks great, and we are particularly excited about any text document that we print.

If we have one complaint, it is that any heavy-colored prints tend to be soaked when coming out of the printer. If possible, you may need to wait five minutes before moving a print with a lot of ink.

Of course, this is an all-in-one printer, which means it also provides a flatbed scanner. Although we have used compact scanners for most document and photo scanning, it is very useful to hold a flatbed scanner when we want to scan pages of books or magazines.

In addition, the scanner allows the device to be used as a fax machine and copier.

The scanner works as expected, and we can access it directly from our favorite program (such as Photoshop). Its maximum scanning resolution is 9600 DPI, which may be higher than the resolution required for home office use.

EcoTank printers are not cheap by any means, but we have used them in the past, and if you usually need to print color images, they can prove to be a good investment.

Since they use liquid ink cartridges instead of traditional ink cartridges, the cost of filling EcoTank is much cheaper. The price of a set of three EcoTank colored bottles is about US$40, but it is roughly equal to the price of 80 traditional ink cartridges.

If you want to print standard color prints, the cost per page is about 1 cent, and the average cost of ink cartridges is 20 cents, and these savings can indeed add up.

However, EcoTank has a significant shortcoming-this is driving its development. When it is full, moving the EcoTank may be a bit dangerous, because it must be kept level to prevent ink from spilling. We recommend that you fill the ink tank where you plan to use it.

The price of EcoTank ET-4760 is nearly $500. Although it is not the cheapest printer you can buy, the savings may be significant over time. In addition, it combines many office equipment into one device, enabling you to start and run a home office with less time and less confusion.


You can pick up EcoTank ET-4760

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Thanks for your review. Whenever I am in Staples, I am always curious about the savings of this printer. 

When our printer died in September 2020, this was the only printer in stock. The price hurts! The comment is completely true. One thing that just happened last week: I got rid of the router and now use it in the Comcast gateway box. After the operation is completed, it will print garbage from laptops and desktops until it is removed, restarted, and the printer is re-added. So far so good. Unfortunately, my iOS device can no longer find it. Due to Comcast's lack of reliability, I ran into greater technical problems, and Comcast always told me that this was my device. Now say that this is my hub switch. Once we get AirPrint running on our iPhone and iPad, I will revise this comment.

We have an Epson WF-2860 that uses standard ink cartridges. If I order large-volume inks, the cost of these four colors is about $100 (I tried cheap aftermarket ink cartridges, it was a disaster). Therefore, these EcoTank models seem tempting to me, and it seems that the ink cost alone can pay for itself in the short term.

I personally cannot understand why someone would buy an inkjet printer. I switched to a laser printer a long time ago and saved a lot of money in the long run. I do need color from time to time, so I added a color laser a few years ago. It is more expensive than B&W (duh), but still much cheaper than ink, faster, higher quality, and there is no smudges or worry about my printout getting wet and dirty.

The only legitimate use I can think of is for inkjet printers, for photos, and sending it out is much more economical than printing at home.

Canon's ImageClass printers are top-notch and feature-rich. My color printer can not only print double-sided paper, but also scan double-sided paper, which is very convenient when I need a stack of double-sided documents to digitize.

I have the cheaper Epson EcoTank 2750. Although it has some fewer features, including a fax machine and a scanner feeder, it saves a lot of money. We filled it up when we first used it in January 2018, and refilled the tank for the first time in December 2020, printing has been worry-free and cost-free for nearly three years. We had three children in high school, and my wife and I were both lawyers, so we kept printing. With our old inkjet cartridge printers, we will check the cartridges every 1 or 2 months. I strongly recommend you, because using the basic EcoTank or the more expensive EcoTank can save a lot of money.

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