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Provacan is a science-led CBD brand of leading hemp research company CiiTECH, bringing its latest hemp technology to the UK, with two highly effective 72% CBD formulas, which are the popular VapePod series developed in cooperation with Kanabo a part of

The Provacan series of pre-filled pods compatible with VapePod® has developed into one of the company's most popular vape products.

VapePod equipment is provided by Kanabo Group Plc (

), and provide users with a certified, safe and effective vaporization system, as well as innovative metering with high bioavailability. Compared with other ways of ingestion (such as ingestion), the vaporization of CBD can increase the absorption rate.

The equipment optimizes efficiency while delivering CBD formulas more safely and easily than ever before. It can only be used with compatible pre-filled cartridges (such as Provacan's Day and Night pre-filled container).

Kanabo Group plc was recently listed on the London Stock Exchange. This is a revolutionary step for VapePod to enter the field of medical marijuana in the UK. This is especially important for medical marijuana patients, because for them, this delivery method will replace smoking marijuana flowers.

Avihu Tamir, CEO of Kanabo Group plc, said: "We are very pleased that CiiTECH has developed a purely innovative cannabis formula as a UK partner. The unique formula combined with the VapePod platform allows consumers to know that they are making the most of their CBD. "

Based on the 55% popularity of the CBD VapePod series, Provacan and Kanabo Research have launched two new higher-strength vape formulas for customers. The new night and day terpene CBD VapePod formula contains 72% CBD and other minor cannabinoids and a potent terpene blend.

This terpene blend is a proprietary formula that combines the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes. Terpenes are widely used and can be found in essential oils and aromatherapy. In addition, it does not contain traces of pesticides, heavy metals and solvents, and does not contain PG, VC, MCT, nicotine or vitamin E, which can further improve the quality of all natural pods. 

Provacan is a consumer-specific, science-led CBD brand that is part of the growing brand portfolio of CiiTECH Ltd, a leading cannabis company in the UK, with its R&D management headquarters in Israel.

Founded by Clifton Flack in 2017, Provacan is the flagship brand in the product portfolio, dedicated to bringing the latest cannabis technology to its loyal consumers in the UK and around the world.

The partnership with an international medical cannabis research company has promoted the product development of CiiTECH, and provided brands such as Provacan with forward-looking industry knowledge and the ability to create highly regarded, science-backed CBD products. The product will be sold in the UK today.

Eli Whiteman, Vice President of Business Development at CiiTECH, said: "Our relationship with Kanabo can be traced back to a long history, not just technological innovation. Our first task is to work hard to ensure that our customers can make full use of bioavailability. , A unique delivery system and consistent CBD products they can rely on.

"We achieved this goal by guiding consumer needs into product development and working with like-minded medical cannabis companies."

The new Night Terpene CBD and Day Terpene CBD VapePods are now available from Provacan, with a retail price of £49.99. To learn more about the product, please visit


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