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Last week, a Norfolk police officer drove a traffic stop on a vehicle without a license plate and eventually found a large amount of illegal drugs.

Captain Mike Ball said that the officer contacted the driver at 8:30 on Wednesday night, who was identified as Austin Johnson, 22 years old.

Bauer said the official might immediately smell the marijuana emanating from the car.

The person also noticed a THC/vape pen in the cup holder of the vehicle. Bauer said the car was searched.

According to reports, the officer recovered 77 THC vape cartridges, 1 gram THC per cartridge, a measuring scale with cannabis residue, 50 empty plastic bags and a plastic bag with 26 Adderall pills.

Johnson was arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled substances and intent to distribute marijuana.

He was placed in Norfolk City Jail and later transferred to Madison County Jail.

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Washington (Associated Press)-President Biden took office and promised to act quickly to restore and repair relations between the United States and the rest of the world, but a major country has yet to see any efforts by the United States to improve relations.

Washington (Associated Press)-The Capitol Police said they have intelligence that the militia has a "possible conspiracy" to violate the U.S. Capitol on Thursday.

Holtville, California (AP)-An SUV carrying 25 people hit a tow truck just one mile away and killed 13 people inside. There is a cemetery with an unmarked engraved on it The bricks are the cemetery where immigrants died from crossing the border from Mexico. To the remote California desert.

Washington (Associated Press)-President Joe Biden said that the United States expects to provide enough coronavirus vaccines for all adults by the end of May, two months earlier than expected. At the end of March, the speed of learning in schools should be accelerated.

Washington (Associated Press)-A Democratic official said that President Biden and Democrats agreed on Wednesday to tighten the maximum income ceiling for people to qualify for stimulus checks. This is a major concession to party members as the party leader prepares to propose Its $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill.

Now, many diligent students have the necessary equipment, whether literally or literally, they can leave the campus and experience learning that cannot be in class.

The Madison County Commission and county officials are preparing for large-scale electrical work this summer that will disrupt the operation of the court.

The following court information includes marriage certificates, family cases, criminal sentences, felony criminal cases to the district court, criminal cases, civil case judgments, violations of city ordinances and speeding and other illegal activities. 

Washington (Associated Press)-President Joe Biden takes office and promises to act quickly to restore and rebuild the people.

Washington (Associated Press)-The Capitol Police said they have intelligence that there is a "pos...

Washington (Associated Press)-President Joe Biden said that the United States expects to receive enough gallons...

Washington (Associated Press)-President Biden and Democrats agreed on Wednesday that they agreed to tighten the uppers within...

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