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Moncton, New Brunswick-

) -Organigram Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: OGI) (TSX: OGI), the parent company of leading cannabis producer Organigram Inc. (the "Company" or "Organigram"), is pleased to announce the launch of the new 1g format Trailblazer Spark, Flicker and Glow 510 threaded Torch vape cartridges.

Vape is one of the most popular categories in the Canadian adult entertainment market. Trailblazer Torch has expanded Organigram's product lineup to provide a complete set of 0.5g test size and 1g full-size ink cartridges for the 510-line evaporator.

Trailblazer Torch provides consumers with 510 cartridges, high-quality CO2 extracts and three unique terpene-infused flavors.

"As one of the first companies to launch 510-line vape cartridges in the legal adult entertainment market in Canada, we are proud to continue to build our reputation for affordable, high-quality products that can meet the needs of consumers. "The company's CEO Greg Engel said. ,Organizational Chart. "The Pioneer's product portfolio reflects our consumers' attention and appreciation for the true cannabis experience, value and diversity."

Trailblazer Torch flavors can be divided into the following three categories based on consumer taste preferences:

"High-quality derivative products have become an increasingly important element in Canada's growing cannabis market. At Organigram, we are always committed to deliberate strategic leadership in this dynamic field." Engel said.

Trailblazer Torch 1g is currently available in some provincial retail stores.

Organigram Holdings Inc. is a NASDAQ Global Select and TSX listed company, and its wholly-owned subsidiary Organigram Inc. is a licensed producer of cannabis and cannabis-derived products in Canada. 

Organigram is committed to producing high-quality indoor-grown cannabis for Canadian patients and adult entertainment consumers, and developing international business partnerships to expand the company's global coverage. Organigram has also developed a series of legal adult recreational cannabis brands, including Edison Cannabis Company, Ankr Organics, SHRED and Trailblazer. Organigram’s facility is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, and the company is regulated by the Cannabis Act and the Cannabis Regulations (Canada).

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