Ooze Pen Review: A Slim Vape Pen for Dabbing on the Go | Using the Ooze Dab Pen

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The anti-leak pen can be used with all 510 thread anti-leak pen cases, and replacing one of them is literally just one click: all you have to do is to unscrew the top of the pen, use it in a new ink cartridge, replace the top, Then it's ok. go with! You can find these cartridges at your local head office or pharmacy. It is not possible to simply buy online. The price of the slime truck should be around 10 to 13 dollars. 

According to the Ooze pen battery instructions from Oozelife employees, you should first set the ooze pen to the lowest possible voltage of 3.3V. If the oil becomes thick and viscous, and you don't get the hit you want, you can continue to increase it by one or two levels: you should consider 3.3 as a starting point, not an absolute starting point. You should see that the upper voltage limit is around 3.8V, please tilt or shake it slightly. If you cannot find a pen that suits you, please consider whether you need to replace the pen. 

The leaky vape pen has some notable outstanding features. Some people think that the vape pen is essentially replaceable, except for the beauty, everything else is the same. The people at oozelife knew this and took some measures to make their pens special. First of all, the softening pen battery (which is always the fixed point of the vape pen) comes with a lifetime warranty. Therefore, you can free it from worrying things. In addition, they have another valuable function: the leaking pen batteries will automatically shut down after a period of time to prevent them from catching fire in your pocket or backpack. You don’t need that kind of heat! In addition to neat functions, it can also ooze the pen, oozing aesthetics and quality. The soft clay pen comes in a variety of colors and styles. It is a good choice for experienced connoisseurs and bright novice erasers. We especially recommend the soft clay pen!

The slime applicator pen serves two purposes: blotting dry and tapping the concentrate. Usually, tapping requires a piece of equipment called a tapping drill. There are many things about rag drills, but portable is not one of them. Enter the pen. In addition to being easy to hide and carry, the softening pen is also smoke-free, which is a necessity during your journey, and the heat is controlled to avoid the risk of scalding when using a flashlight. Therefore, the basic purpose of leaking e-cigarette pens is to take a hobby that was previously limited to families and let it fly freely, whether in a park, party or behind a warehouse at work. convenient! 

According to the battery instructions of the soft clay pen, it may take 1-2 hours to fully charge it from scratch. It can be plugged into any power source for charging, but as always, if charging speed is important to you, using a wall charger will bring you the best results.

If the battery does not seem to be working properly, try charging it. Then click the button five times quickly-don't pause between clicks. You should see a green light flashing, indicating that the battery is running. To activate the battery's warm-up mode, click twice at the same speed. If the indicator light continues to flash and flashes green, there is a problem with the connection of the battery itself. Although you can fiddle with the connection to see if there is anything abnormal, please also remember that the soft pen battery has a lifetime warranty!

this is very simple! Just follow 4 simple steps:

According to the battery description of the oozing pen, a flashing oozing pen in this case indicates a loose connection in the battery. You can open it and try to restore a bent or broken connection, or you can use the lifetime warranty of the soft pen battery to get a replacement.

When deciding which seepage vape is right for you, you have many options. If you need an ooze slim pen charger, you can go to oozelife.com, Amazon's online oozelife store, or even find available products on your local Walmart. Or, you can choose to visit a locally owned and operated main store or pharmacy!

Want to know how to charge the oozing vape pen? If the battery indicator is red, it means that the e-cigarette pen has insufficient power. Plug it into your USB, and finally, the indicator light will turn steady green, blinking continuously. This way you will know that the power supply is fully charged and ready to use!

Another benefit of using the Ooze vape pen is how fast it heats up. Go ahead and click the battery button twice, and you will activate the warm-up mode of the soft pen. After 15 seconds, the heating cycle will end and you should be ready for the first blow. It is simple in itself!


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