New CBD Packaging for Beam Simplifies Product Story | Packaging World

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D2C has simplified and updated the packaging graphics of its CBD health products as consumers seek remedies for sleep, stress and other conditions during COVID-19.

In order to become a "healthy Nike", the CBD brand Light Beam was launched in 2018 to fill the gap between the very medicinal CBD products at the time and the products that infused CBD into candy.

This direct-to-consumer company was trained by Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran for the Boston Marathon. Lombard said:

The new packaging was launched in September 2020 and was designed to be designed in conjunction with the Beam site to meet the preferences of large retailers, as the company hopes to eventually sell at mass retailers such as Target. Moran shared that since the redesign, “customers have shared that they like this new look and feel it is brighter and fresher.”

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