Muc-Off debuts LOPS oversized derailleur pulley system with Bahrain-McLaren - CyclingTips

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The oversized rear derailleur pulley has

In order to reduce friction in the drivetrain, Muc-Off is now entering the game with its new lightweight super large precision transmission (LOPS) cage assembly. Bahrain-McLaren rider Mikel Landa is expected to be in the 20th stage of the Tour de France. This component is used in the time trial.

Reducing friction is clearly the main goal of LOPS. Muc-Off includes special surface coatings on the 13-tooth upper and 19-tooth lower aluminum pulleys, which are said to produce "friction coefficients three times lower than hard anodized equivalents." the above". In addition, the ceramic bearings are coated with some magical seasoning to further reduce friction, and the seals have been "optimized specifically for individual timing tests." In other words, this means you probably shouldn't try it. These things will rain, or expect them to last a long time in daily use.

Muc-Off also focuses on maintaining shift performance through LOPS, which is usually the complaint of this type of aftermarket system. In order to solve this problem, Muc-Off used a solid 3D printed titanium alloy body to manufacture LOPS, and the radial and axial tolerances of the bearings were stricter to keep the pulley teeth flat under load.

LOPS has not announced a release date, and Muc-Off has not yet released an official retail price.

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