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The authorities filed charges against other allegations and filed a $3 million bill to resolve previous allegations that a Champlin man owned nearly 77,000 e-cigarette bombs containing highly concentrated THC.

The US Internal Revenue Service announced on Monday that Valentin V. Andonii, 23, was sued in Anoka County District Court for possession of a controlled substance without an official label indicating that appropriate taxes have been paid on these items.

, One for trafficking and the other for possession. Authorities say this is the largest seizure in the history of the state.

Andonii (Andonii) was initially replaced by bail of $1 million, and was later released in the form of bonds before the court session on July 2.

Defense attorney Michael Brandt said that he found that “the irony is that the state tried to imprison Mr. Antoni... Even if his imprisonment would make it possible for us to obtain any payment, we can say that this is not possible."

In a broader sense, Brandt said, “it’s legal to own this kind of stuff in 18 states. If it’s legal in Minnesota, the state will have $3 million in tax revenue, and it’s seeking Collect from Andonii.

In announcing the latest allegations, State Tax Commissioner Cynthia Bauerly said that the tax law "is [Minnesota Department of Revenue (Minnesota Department of Revenue)" and law enforcement agencies can use tools to bring illegal and harmful products to the streets . Such taxes and fees should have a deterrent effect. To anyone who smuggles or sells illegal controlled drugs in Minnesota. "

On September 23, these 76,972 cartridges contained a total of more than 185 pounds of marijuana active ingredients, and were seized from an apartment in the 3600 block of Kuhn Rapids Avenue on September 23, with targeted Packaging instructions for young users. Some sports famous cartoon characters or sweet theme.

Unlike legally purchased medical marijuana products purchased by experts, this product has not been tested by state regulatory agencies, and health experts say the ingredients in illegal aerosol cartridges are not always clear.

The criminal complaint stated that nearly 29,000 bullets were found in the Cadillac Escalade and another 30,000 were found in the garage next to the luxury SUV. The authorities also confiscated nearly US$145,000 and another US$23,800 in counterfeit currency from the residence.

Court records show that Andonii was convicted of three crimes on suspicion of drug-related crimes, two of which were felony. His most recent drug conviction puts his sentence on probation until March 2021.

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