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McLaren’s first plug-in hybrid, the Artura, effectively replaced the "entry-level" sports series cars: 540C, 570S, 570GT,

And 620R. It uses a combination of a 3.0-liter V6 gasoline engine and an electric motor, with a total power of 680hp. Zero to 62 mph takes 3.0 seconds, and the top speed is limited to 205 miles (yes, limited).

Perhaps more striking is the 18.6 miles of pure electric driving range and 129g/km of carbon dioxide emissions, which makes it easily the most environmentally friendly McLaren ever. It can be ordered now, with prices starting from £185,500.

Before showing Artura to the world, we had a secret hands-on preview. Keep reading to get the complete details and our first impressions.

We will start with the new engine. McLaren Motors’ faithful 3.8-liter M838 and 4.0 M840 V8 have served it for many years, from the birth of MP4-12C to

, But this is a clean design.

The 3.0 turbocharged dry aluminum M630 V6 is painted with a red line at a speed of 8500rpm, and can generate 585hp (nearly 200hp per liter) without electric assistance. The total power of the electric motor is 680hp, plus 431lb ft of torque at 2,250rpm.

The twin turbocharger is located inside the "hot wind direction" of the cylinder to lower the center of gravity of the engine. The V6 is also 150 mm shorter and 50 kg lighter than the old V8-this is important when there is a battery pack hanging around.

Power on the drive system. As early as 2013, the McLaren P1 was the first car to use hybrid technology to achieve performance rather than pure efficiency. The plug-in system in Artura can accomplish these two tasks at the same time.

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It weighs only 15.4 kg and can produce 95 horsepower. In addition to an EV range of 18.6 miles, it also propels the car at speeds of up to 81mph. Drive is transmitted to the rear wheels via an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, but interestingly, McLaren does not have a reverse gear-the electric motor just rotates in the opposite direction.

The battery pack contains five lithium-ion modules and can be charged from zero to 80% in 2.5 hours using a household three-pin plug. Artura also has the world's first Ethernet electrical system, which provides faster response time and reduces wiring length by 25%.

The basis of Artura is a carbon fiber chassis, which is built on

In Sheffield. The entire monocoque weighs only 82 kilograms, which is said to be the "lightest, hardest and strongest" of its kind. The aluminum subframes at both ends act as a deformable crash structure.

Specifying all the light options, Artura weighs 1,498kg; the 130kg hybrid ballast is very impressive. The dry weight without liquid (for example, a number often quoted by Ferrari) is 1,395 kg.

Happily, McLaren rejected the trend of larger and less used supercars. Artura has almost the same footprint as the 570S, with a front wheel of 19 inches and a rear wheel of 20 inches. The tire is a customized Pirelli P Zero Corsas with a built-in electronic chip that can transmit temperature and pressure data.

Design director Rob Melville described Artura as a "technical sculpture with functional jewellery" and described the car as a "rare combination of beauty and aggressiveness" as a car.

Melville said that the continuation of McLaren's existing design theme is intentional, which can not only establish a brand image, but also avoid alienating existing customers. Gorgeous new colors such as flux green and ash orange (pictured) add some pop.

In metal and carbon fiber, the Artura has a compact appearance and the cab is moved forward. Its hungry side air intake looks large enough to swallow a puppy, while the mesh rear panel and cruel diffuser give a glimpse of the car's hybrid heart. I particularly like the optional contrasting black roof (also shown here).

The luminous "halo" lights on the door panels have a dramatic effect when the two-sided doors are opened at night. coming soon

Next to you…

Inside, Artura has a simple sense of simplicity. In sharp contrast

, Its steering wheel has no additional controls. McLaren said: "Its only function is to manipulate the car and provide feedback to the driver." Quite.

The driver's display screen moves up and down with the steering column, and the rocker switch can be operated and powertrain settings (E-mode, comfort, sports and tracking) on ​​both sides of the two fingers, within easy reach. And unlike McLaren so far, there is no need to press the "Activity" button to change the mode.

An eight-inch touch screen at an angle to the driver is responsible for the maintenance of the infotainment system. Its Android-based interface works like a smartphone and is smoother than the internal system McLaren used before. The connection between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is standard.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the new hard-shell Clubsport seats. They rotate from the base to provide more support without moving the backrest. A comfortable seat is also provided.

So, how will Artura drive? We will have to wait a few months to find out, but the early signs are good. Product strategy director Jamie Corstorphine explained that electric motors have a "torque filling" effect, such as

, The throttle response provided is "twice" that of other McLarens.

This is also the first car launched by Woking with an electronic differential ("smaller and lighter than a mechanical differential"), which should make it more controllable near the limit. The danger is that this may also dilute the innocence of the experience-careful calibration will be the key.

Stability under braking is another area of ​​concern for engineers. Artura borrowed 600LT aluminum calipers and powerful carbon ceramic discs (390mm at the front and 380mm at the rear).

You must pay your own daily tire bill for the track, but the five-year warranty provides a certain guarantee for the battery. The battery warranty period is six years, and the car body warranty period is 10 years.

Geoff Grose, Artura’s chief engineer, said: “We wanted to create a thrilling and fascinating supercar that hardly required any compromise from the driver or passengers. Artura truly fulfilled McLaren’s commitment to first-class driving dynamics and cutting-edge technology. "

Mike Flewitt, CEO of McLaren,

, And added: “Every drop of McLaren’s experience and expertise is injected into Artura. Our new high-performance hybrid vehicle provides all the performance, driver engagement and dynamic excellence of McLaren’s world-renowned, and Other advantages of electric vehicle driving functions."

Over time, Artura may produce a series of vehicles, including smallpox spiders and track-focused LTs. Starting from the 720S alternative, its hybrid architecture will also become the basis for other super sports cars. For McLaren, the future starts here.

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