Marion's Your CBD Store offering alternative relief options for pets

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As CBD becomes a more popular product on the market, the CBD store in Marion hopes to provide knowledge, experience, and of course CBD.

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As the CBD continues to gain popularity, Marion stores are expanding their customer base into new markets. pet.

Since opening last year, Your CBD store located at 1296 Delaware Avenue in the Servex Center has provided a variety of CBD gummies, topical ointments and vape cartridges for people aged 20 to 50. Recently, these people are now stopping to stock CBD-infused snacks for their dogs and cats.

Zach Morrow, the co-owner and collaborator of your CBD store, said that this increase is very useful for the store, and many pet owners choose to try CBD for their dogs or cats instead of expensive traditional treatments. The store’s co-owner and partner, Roger Stone, uses CBD snacks to help keep cats calm, while others use this product for dogs that are restless while riding for long periods of time.

CBD does not only serve people. It can also be used like these CBDs for dogs and cats.

However, for Morrow and Stone, their entry into the CBD did not start with dog snacks, but a means to relieve physical pain.

Stone first discovered cannabidiol, or CBD, on the shoulder that was injured during manual labor. The pain lasted much longer than he expected and required multiple operations and medications to relieve the pain. After years of various painkillers and rehabilitation treatments, he finally tried CBD lotion for injuries, and he has never looked back since.

Stone said: "I accepted all these things engrossedly, but it didn't feel good." "I almost don't use ibuprofen anymore, maybe every few weeks. Everything is on the CBD."

Zach Morrow (left) and Roger Stone own and operate the Your CBD store, located at 1296 Delaware Avenue in the former Servex Center.

Now, Stone and Morrow are the owners and operators of CBD stores. Although neither of these two are licensed physicians or doctors, they have demonstrated the benefits of using CBD in daily life. Whether it is edible CBD gummies to help fall asleep or topical creams to help relieve pain, both have found a way to integrate them into their lives.

Now, they hope to share these experiences and knowledge with the community. There is no doubt that the CBD world can be daunting. From cannabidiol to the endocannabinoid system operating in the human body, at first glance, there are many things to pay attention to. This is where Stone and Morrow come in. Not only do they want to sell the best products they can find, but they also want to provide as much information and answer as many questions as possible.

First of all, we must first figure out how CBD plays a role in your life. It starts by identifying the problem; is it related to pain or stress? Both parties say that the Convention on Biological Diversity is not the ultimate solution to these problems, but it can help alleviate these problems and bring long-term benefits. Stone said, for example, many people who enter the store are struggling to fall asleep, which can cause physical and mental stress. For these people, they offer a variety of options including capsules or water-soluble oils.

Stone said: "A lot of things are spiritual." "You have to deal with what happens in life, which will help you get where you need it."

In addition, two people want to know about other drugs that one person may be taking. Since CBD is a relatively new product on the market, they recommend consulting a doctor before adding CBD to your treatment regimen. Although the product has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the way CBD affects a person may be completely different. Especially if someone is also taking other prescription drugs.

There are also many security checks and more information about each product in the store. Each product in the store has a QR code on the label, where customers can view the manufacturing history of the product, all the ingredients in the product, and even the history of fertilizers and pesticides used in the growth process. For Morrow, a large part of the success of these products comes down to transparency, and these QR codes indicate that they are an open book.

Morrow and Stone also want to clarify another point of CBD: Although it is derived from the hemp plant, the product has a different effect from THC. THC is the main allergenic compound in hemp, which can make users very popular. Instead, CBD is extracted from cannabis plants with a THC content of 0.3% or less, which means that these trace amounts are not enough to function as cannabis.

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