Lookah Launches Portable Water Filter Dab Pen The Seahorse Max Vaporizer

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Biggest Crayon in the Seahorse

This unique all-in-one

Consumers with bubblers can leave the torch and drill at home, and experience a smoother and cleaner water filtration effect during the journey. 

Of talented designers and engineers

Combine the small glass water percolator of the electric drill with the familiar, easy-to-use touch pen function. 

Lookah’s marketing manager, Mr. J Mash, suggested: “Dabbing focuses on Seahorse Max and aims to enhance the experience that dabber gets from Seahorse Pro by adding a water cone on top of this dab device.”

Use the same quartz and ceramic nibs patented by the Seahorse series of vape pens to ensure new

Provides the largest flavor and thick vapor cloud, which can meet the confused needs.

These tried-and-tested techniques belong to the 510 thread, which ensures that the device provides excellent versatility and supports the use of all leading brands of vape cartridges. 

"The device is 247mm in height, 50mm in diameter, and weighs only 183 grams, which is not much heavier than most large-screen smartphones. This portability allows you to use vape anywhere," Mr. Mash said.

With just a few clicks of a button, the user can switch between three preset temperatures and can operate in preheat or fully manual mode. LED lights allow users to understand temperature and function settings at a glance. 

The percolator is hand blown from borosilicate glass to achieve excellent cooling effect without splashing. This off-the-shelf performance meets your expectations of a leading manufacturer with more than ten years of experience.

It has the same removable glass as the Unicorn E-rig released in 2020. With plans to use more glass-style percolators later this year, users will be able to further customize their atomization experience. 

The Seahorse Max dab pen is priced at $178.99, which is attractive. It combines the smooth water filtration effect of the dab rig with the simplicity of an electronic nectar collector. The kit comes with a desktop stand (for when the pen is not in use) and two tips, a custom cleaning brush and a charging cable.  

It can be found on Lookah.com

And provide a variety of eye-catching colors. You can also buy from more and more online resellers and physical resellers. 

About Lookah 

Since 2009, Lookah has been producing high-quality glass water pipes, pipes and cloth rigs. Since 2020, it has entered electronic nectar collectors and vaporizers for oils, waxes and dried herbs, all of which can be found on the brand's website.

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