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The Unicorn electric rag drill is the latest product in Lookah's series of elegant and easy-to-use equipment. This new generation of electric drilling rig is designed and manufactured indoors, with a revolutionary atomizer and magnetic connection device, which can be wiped efficiently and lightly during the journey.  

The unique design of the Unicorn e drilling rig places the atomizer inside under the borosilicate glass percolation cone, which makes it different from other electric rag drilling rigs with external atomizer cores.

Lookah’s marketing manager, Mr. James Mash, explained: “The internal atomizer has multiple advantages. It prevents vapor and flavor loss and does not require a built-in carbohydrate cap. When driving, there are no heating components exposed.” All of this makes Unicorn Become safer and easier to use on the go.

The electric drill uses a unique ceramic and quartz atomizer, which runs through three coils. "Quartz has a faster heating time, and the ceramic cup surrounding it helps to retain heat, while the tipping core design allows for even heat distribution, so there is almost no waste or recycling." James Mash (James Mash) suggested. 

This innovative electric wiper has the intuitive usability and portability of a vape pen and combines it with the heavy blow rip of a desktop wiper. It is priced at US$189.99, a competitive price, and is aimed at cannabis connoisseurs who want to be lightweight and pure in taste at an affordable price.

The 1900mAh battery and atomizer are housed in a cylindrical base, and the cone-shaped hand-blown glass cone is located above the base and fixed in place with a powerful magnet. This smart magnetic seal makes the loading of the atomizer quick and easy.

Unicorn e-rig is a handheld DAB evaporator for concentrates with three preset temperatures. These can be used in manual on-demand or automatic warm-up mode, and can be adjusted by pressing the power button twice. The LED lights around the buttons and tactile feedback keep users informed of the heating cycle.

To celebrate the launch of this new product, Lookah offered customers 20% of the purchase price during the week from November 13th to November 20th.

About Lookah

Since 2009, Lookah has been producing high-quality glass water pipes, pipes and rag drills. Recently, it has entered electronic nectar collectors and vaporizers for oils, waxes and dried herbs, all of which can be purchased at the brand's online head office.

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