Local dispensary sells hemp flower containing THC

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Kelly Riley, Rev's marketing manager, said they sell products such as CBD oil and CBD vapor. Reilly said that they also have products such as cannabis flowers, some of which contain legal levels of THC and

Kelly Riley, marketing manager of TUPELO (WTVA)-Rev, Mississippi, said the products they sell include CBD oil and CBD vapor.

Reilly said that they also have products similar to cannabis flowers, some of which contain legal amounts of THC, and some do not have THC at all.

Reilly said: "It's like going to Colorado or somewhere out of the state, we have brought it to Mississippi."

Local pharmacies sell CBD products, including vape, oil, and dog treats.

It also has hemp flowers with and without THC.

Reilly said: "We are all in compliance with the "Farm Act" requirements, you can buy and buy pre-roll, you can also buy the actual number of shoots.

According to the Farm Act, the legal content of THC in buds is 3%.

So, what if law enforcement agencies delay you?

Sheriff Jim Johnson said that as long as the product is packaged, it is completely legal.

Reilly said the product does not produce the same side effects as illegal amounts of THC.

Riley said: "It relieves pain, relieves stress, relieves anxiety and so on. As for things that are mentally active and can make you crazy, you don't have to worry."

She added that the pharmacy is the only local pharmacy.

Reilly said that after the state health chief proposed a plan to distribute drugs in the state, the pharmacy administration also hopes to bring medicinal marijuana.

1359 Beech Springs Road.

Saltillo, MS 38866, USA

(662) 842-7620

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