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Toronto, December 17, 2020 (Global News)-As 2020 is coming to an end, Kolab Project ends a year of sales growth and launches a new product for experienced cannabis connoisseurs seeking natural taste experiences And praise – Kolab Project 232 series of active terpene 510 vape cartridges. The Kolab Project 232 series is developed by rapid freezing extraction method, which can retain the natural terpene characteristics in the cannabis plant, and can provide high-quality terpene-rich extracts and distillate mixtures, and is precise through Kolab Project's advanced vape hardware Calibration and delivery. The Kolab project is a cannabis brand owned and operated by Auxly Cannabis Group (TSX.V – XLY) ("


The release of the 232 series is the first consecutive year of complete commercial operation for the Kolab Project. Kolab Project vapes is the number one selling brand in Auxly's product portfolio

, And Auxly obtained the largest share position of vape products in Canada in the past November

, Including retail and online sales. According to the latest

Vape is the favorite cannabis 2.0 product of Canadians, accounting for two-thirds of the 2.0 category and about 16% of the entire cannabis market.

Hugo Alves, CEO of Auxly, said: “A year ago, we launched Auxly 2.0 products and promised to introduce new and innovative products to lead the 2.0 market.” “In November, Canada’s vape sales volume ranked first. The share is about 25%

This is a verification of our strategy and reflects the determination of our entire team to innovate to meet changing consumer needs​​. "

The Kolab Project 232 series refers to an intermediate temperature of 232 degrees Celsius, which allows terpenes and cannabinoids to boil without burning, thereby maximizing the flavor and natural expression of the true strain experience. Kolab Project is launching a 232 series with a limited edition ice cream cake. Ice cream cake is a hybrid of Indian In hybrids, with a unique aroma and flavor-similar to vanilla sweetness and strong diesel flavor. The Ice Cream Cake active terpene filter element has the main terpene characteristics of limonene and linalool, with an efficacy of over 86%, and is packaged in biodegradable.

Brad Canario, Brand Director of Auxly, said: "Consumers of the Kolab project usually have a wealth of experience with cannabis and appreciate the efficacy of cannabis. Our research tells us that they value the experience of using specific strains of cannabis-derived terpenes. Steam is a fast-growing category and we are pleased to offer this terpene-rich product in a limited edition."

The Kolab Project 232 series offers 0.5 g ink cartridges at launch, which can be ordered from provincial wholesalers across Canada, and are now available in stores in Alberta. The 232 series was developed and manufactured in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and consumers can pay attention to other 232 series strains in the coming months.

The recent year-end consumer and industry awards and nominations are recognition of Kolab Project's achievements in 2020.

The award-winning Kolab project

, Determined by a group of 150 service targets nationwide. In addition, the Kolab Project was shortlisted for two

, Celebrating the best in cannabis advertising and marketing. For the best event of the year,

It is Canada's first industry-wide vape recycling program recognized organization, the program is sold in more than 100 retail stores nationwide. And Kolab Project

It is a finalist for the best packaging design, known for its minimalist design and the introduction of 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging. Voting for the ADCANN award is

Open until December 31, 2020.

Kolab Project is a cannabis brand, solely owned by Auxly Cannabis Group Inc., which aims to establish connections with cannabis individuals who are actively involved in art, culture and design that have a positive impact on humanity. Kolab Project cannabis products available at licensed cannabis retailers across Canada include premium pre-roll, vape, soft chew and chocolate. Please visit kolabproject.com to visit us.

Auxly is an international cannabis company dedicated to bringing innovative, effective and high-quality cannabis products to the medical, healthcare and adult use markets. Auxly's experienced industry pioneers and enterprising visionary team have ensured a diversified supply of raw cannabis, strong clinical, scientific and operational capabilities, and leading R&D infrastructure in order to create trustworthy in the ever-expanding global market Products and brands.

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