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Known for creating affordable alternatives, replacing some of the hottest evaporators on the market. KandyPens pays attention to details, provides information for the design, and maintains its reputation as the leading brand of vape by continuously producing simple, stylish and technologically advanced equipment. Their recently released oil and e-liquid vape

,No exception. 

This stylish little vape is only 4 inches tall and sells for less than $50. It is an alternative to expensive pod systems used by similar brands. Pax offers expensive pods that are pre-loaded with oil from a large cannabis brand, while KandyPens' Rubi vaporizer is an open system, which means that the pods are empty and can be filled with any oil or liquid needed anytime, anywhere. 


In the world of e-cigarettes, the practice of unpacking the pods to fill up with their own motor oil is called "Juul Hacking", which is common among technicians who often online message boards. By formalizing this anarchist method to invade the Pod system in cannabis vape, KandyPens has created an untouched niche market in the Pod system matrix. In terms of cost-effectiveness, this is an unbeatable DIY system.

Whether you are buying a new vape pen in the market or curious about all the buzz, this is what we think of KandyPens' Rubi evaporator. 

Open system design of Rubi vape riff on pod vaping platforms such as Pax pods. By allowing users to fill an empty cartridge with their choice of motor oil or e-liquid, instead of being forced to purchase expensive pre-filled pods, they created a more economical way to enjoy the convenience of pod vape products. 

Rubi is equipped with OCELL ceramic coil technology and a 280mAh battery (one of the strongest e-cigarette batteries on the market), which can pump about 50 times per charge. The Rubi evaporator is sturdy and simple. It also has temperature adjustment and pneumatic functions (no power button), which means all you need to do is load it into a refillable 1ML container and inhale. KandyPens even provides a lifetime warranty for the device.

Now that we have understood what a Rubi evaporator is, why it is cool and what it can do, this is how it works. 

To charge the Rubi, simply use the micro-USB port with any USB cable, without the need for a dedicated charger. When the device is fully charged, the LED indicator will change from red to green. After the battery is used for a period of time, the charging speed is also very fast, and it takes about 30 minutes to fully charge. 

This is undoubtedly the most complicated step in using Rubi, but it is still very simple. For this kind of equipment, you will want to think very carefully when using grease, just like distillate sold in a pharmacy with a syringe. Each pod can hold about half a gram of liquid, and you will need to bring the liquid to at least body temperature in order to distribute it into the cartridge as seamlessly as possible. 

Since there are few disassembled parts, it is easy to clean the Rubi itself. Just remove the pods, and then use a toothpick or q-tip to clean the inside and around the nozzle. 

Since Japanese cotton surrounds the ceramic coil, the pods cannot be soaked, so it is difficult to clean. According to research on the message board, some users use white vinegar to clean the pods. Although most people seem to agree that each pod can last for weeks to months, and three pods will only get you back $20, but if abandoning an old pod is clumsy or becomes fashionable, it’s even more Makes sense.

The attractiveness of KandyPens' Rubi evaporator can be attributed to three factors: caution, affordability and versatility. The device can easily be used as a flash drive or Juul, and is small enough to hide in an undiscovered pocket. Its price is twofold: the device is only $50 and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Thanks to the open pod system, users will save countless dollars on expensive pre-installed ink cartridges over the years. Vape can turn into anything you want based on the grease you use (even e-cigarettes).

Bottom line: If you want to fill up your ink cartridges to save money, then this is the pen you want. If you are a more casual user, or a newbie to cannabis, or someone who can use the disposable income, then I will choose the pre-filled settings because it is a more simplified product overall. You can find the KandyPens Rubi evaporator on it


Lindsay MaHarry writes articles about cannabis and culture at her home in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram: @_oystergirl_

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