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As the cannabis oil vaporizer market continues to mature, the user base continues to increase. Experienced vape pen customers are becoming more and more common, and they have a variety of tricks, but they have one thing in common: they have tried a lot of pens, but the number of pens has not been completely reduced.

A more crowded market means increasingly fierce competition to attract more and more savvy consumers to repeat customers. For hemp oil processors, retaining customers is a two-tiered challenge – they must ensure that they not only have impeccably refined products, but also deliver them consistently.

The working principle of the evaporator is to heat the concentrate to the boiling point and then evaporate rather than burn the substance. This process illustrates the refreshing taste and smooth pull that consumers want from the evaporator, but achieving this goal can be tricky.

Various batteries and vape cartridges provided by Jupiter Research. (Courtesy of Jupiter Research)

"We tested many cartridges with good performance," said David Schuler, vice president of engineering for Jupiter's research department. "After that, they didn't release much steam, and the steam they produced was often smelled and burned."

This is because in the cartridge where the wick delivers fluid to the heating element, sometimes it cannot deliver fluid as quickly as when the user pulls it, which can cause the wick to dry out. The result may be a vicious circle; a dry wick will cause the cart to burn, which may leave residue, which may further hinder fluid delivery.

Carts that cannot work reliably or that can only be pulled correctly at the correct angle will be transported to the garbage bin in the kitchen, and customers will never come back to try poorly performing ink cartridges.

In order to prevent the pen from falling into the same fate as a dry ballpoint pen, the extra cable tie and the set of keys that must be opened

Many processors are making new changes to existing technologies to heat just the right fraction of hemp: ceramics.

In recent years, ceramic heating elements are appearing in more and more vape pens for the same reasons as those used in kitchen cookware in recent years, that is to say, ceramic heating elements can reach the high temperature required to evaporate hemp oil without Burning materials.

It is a far cry from previous iterations of evaporator cartridge technology, many of which use technologies originally developed for the e-cigarette industry. The problem is that for cannabis oil, technology is not always the best answer.

The ceramic core prevents the thick hemp oil from burning when heated by the vape pen battery. (Courtesy of Jupiter Research)

Schuler recalled: “The e-cigarette liquid is not as thin as water, but it is too dark, which is not the case with cannabis oil.” “When we first started using these filters, we quickly discovered the existing ones. E-cigarette technology is not suitable for the higher viscosity and higher boiling point of hemp oil."

Just as if you don't add enough water, a pot of pasta will burn on the stove, if the heating element dries out, the world's best quality hemp oil will burn and lose its flavor. Sticky hemp oil needs space to flow, and not all ceramics can withstand it.

Schuler said: "The ceramic CCELL we use is porous, a bit like a rigid sponge, which allows it to wick high-viscosity fluids." "When you dismiss these elements, they move on. They never change. Dry, which allows us to run higher power and produce more steam without worrying about burning."

The porous ceramic also helps Jupiter's cartridges breathe better, ensuring that when the cannabis oil in the ammunition car evaporates, air is allowed to replace it. Correct breathing is the key to completely vaporize the last bit of oil in the car every time.

The consistency provided by ceramic heating elements is not limited to a vape pen. Like Jupiter's CCELL cores, predictable heating can provide reliable and reliable heating throughout the product line.

This ensures that customers get what they want every time-the best version of hemp extract carefully crafted by the processor-for the first time regardless of the oil they are using. And, as these cannabis extracts continue to develop and refine, the Jupiter Research team is constantly researching new methods to provide outstanding performance for the expanded product suite.

Schuler said: "It's really interesting to observe the changes in these oils." "When we started, it was oil extracted with BHO. Now, we see distillates more frequently. Their performance will be different. So we must ensure that we always provide the best solutions for various materials."

While Schuler and his team are working to develop new solutions for evaporating cannabis oil, they are also working to expand the utility of existing equipment. For example, Jupiter’s Liquid 9 platform has become a popular item among recreational cannabis users.

. When Kanabo Research looked for equipment, it could be used as the basis for VapePod (the first vaporizer approved for medical equipment in Israel), and it found a lot about Liquid 9.

Jupiter Research technology powers VapePod, which is the first medically certified cannabis vaporizer. (Provided by VapePod)

But the company also knew that it needed to make some changes before meeting with officials from the Ministry of Health. It is worth noting that it needs to be able to measure the way patients use the device and provide consistent, carefully measured puffs that are injected with the same amount of vapor each time.

David Sack, founder and chief operating officer of Kanabo Research, said: "This is very important for medical equipment because it can manage a definite and consistent dose." "When making the necessary changes to make the platform meet our needs, Jupiter's team was very Willing to work with them. The result is a truly strong partnership, which is important for us in the long run."

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