How to reuse candle jars

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Comfort can be disguised in many forms, but when you get home, it is difficult to find items that are more comfortable than candles. Although it usually brings the atmosphere, smell and lighting to their rooms, many candle connoisseurs do not realize the potential of their favorite waxy condiments after burning. 

If your candle is at the last stop, you will have many options to give it a new lease of life. Whether you need a new planter or a multifunctional storage box in the bathroom, the old candle box can meet your needs. But first, you need to learn the tricks to make them sparkle.

This is one of the easiest ways to remove wax from glass bottles. Put the candle in the refrigerator for at least an hour, and then very carefully use a butter knife or spoon to pop out the remaining wax layer. If it does not come out, please gently break the cracks and let the pieces fall out. After removing most of the wax, gently pull the wick and the wick with your fingers to remove it. If you are stubborn, you can use pliers to solve it. After everything is resolved, use hot soapy water to remove the residue.

If your freezer is not empty, try using the hot water technique. Boil a cup of water and pour it into the candle jar very carefully. After a few minutes, the wax should pop out on its own, or you can lightly jab it with a spoon or butter knife to loosen it. Rinse with soap and hot water.

If there is a label on the jar, the removal process is very simple and quick. Use mineral oil and hot soapy water to help lift the adhesive and scrape it off, or place it under a warm hair dryer for 30 seconds to a minute, and then peel it off. 

None of these reuse skills require DIY skills. These skills only require your newly cleaned candle container.

Finding the right jars may be difficult, but you have given the candle a certificate of approval, so why not reuse those jars as juicy containers? They look sleek, and if you have multiple identical candles, they will also match perfectly.

If your desk looks like it was pulled from a photo shoot of the "I Spy" book, then schedule a 10-minute organizational break. Just use the old candle jar to store pens, paper clips, staples and all other items that make your work space efficient.

You don’t have to go all out to find those unique ceramic bowls often seen in celebrity chef’s kitchens. Put salt and pepper in it, or help you separate the ingredients when cooking, so that light-colored or miniature candle jars can be given new life.

Put an empty cup on the dressing table or in the bathroom to provide space for jewelry, hair accessories or lipstick. It will keep everything tidy and make the lost earrings a thing of the past.

No need to leave the house to find the perfect herb garden container. Just add some soil and seeds, and watch your plants (and your cooking expertise) grow. Compared with basic plastic flower pots, they also look more fashionable (and more environmentally friendly).

Add a few coils of coiled fairy lights to a few empty candle jars and place them in your window. Whether you are dining in two rooms or setting up a Saturday night movie night for a family gathering, it will add instant mood lighting.

After cleaning, transparent glass containers (especially those with precision lids) can be made into perfect gift boxes. Stack them with chocolates and other candies, and then tidy everything up with a shiny metal bow. Friends and family will appreciate this unique change.

Giant candle containers or hurricane glass shaped candle containers provide many excellent upgrade opportunities. Re-use them as vases, place those amazing bouquets, place various cooking utensils in them, or fill them with shells or stones as the centerpiece of the dining table.

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