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I have a storage box full of cannabis concentrate-this is a pile of old oil, discounted concentrates that are too cheap, gifts from friends, etc. Although I have been working to make them well used, it sometimes takes months to remember that I even own them. I tried to smoke, but found it to be harsh and tasteless. Go back to the storage box and check again when I'm going to lose energy in a few weeks. This is an endless cycle of nonsense.

After some research, I realized that old juice concentrates have a better purpose: cook them into edibles!

If you don’t know that you can use the remaining concentrate to make effective food, open the storage box and prepare to cook.

The first step in cooking with concentrate is to think about the final product. For example, are you making a regular salad dressing? You may want to choose distillate instead of RSO, because the concentrated form of RSO may leave a bitter aftertaste.

"All types of cannabis concentrates can be used in cooking," said Jay Denniston, director of the U.S. Department of Science.

"However, with countless different types of concentrates, the variability in potency, form, flavor and aroma can make it difficult to choose the right type of product for infusion trays."

Denniston continued: “A fully extracted hemp oil like RSO will provide a heavier plant flavor and aroma than the crystalline extract.” “If you consume a small amount of concentrated food (such as olive oil), the flavor of the hemp extract will be higher. "

Consider using stronger flavor concentrates (e.g.


) In sweets, the taste can be masked more effectively.

Denniston also recommends choosing high-fat foods, such as peanut butter, olive oil or ghee, because they are easier to accept concentrates for infusion.

Before injecting, you must first understand your attention.

"The main advantage of using distillate is that it is odorless, tasteless, and can be incorporated into the fat components of the selected formula."

"Concentrates that exist in semi-solid to solid form, such as

, Soy sauce, buds, wax, especially sugar wax may contain a large amount of trichloroacetic acid. "Denniston said.

For those who want to know something

That is, over time or when heated, this non-toxic compound will be converted into euphoric THC.

Some concentrates are easier to use than others. For example, crystal isolates usually come in the form of a white powder that is easy to handle.

"The main advantage of using

It is tasteless, tasteless, and can already be added to the fat content of the recipe of your choice," Troy Ivan, CEO and founder

Therefore, considering the potency and facts of the distillate, the distillate is very attractive.

. However, each option also has its own unique challenges.

"The disadvantage of (distillate) is that all other cannabinoids and required cannabis components are purposely eliminated," Ivan said. "Any synergy and'stimulus effect' contained in the full-spectrum oil will not appear in the distillate oil. Many people think it has less medicinal use and lower efficacy.

Others, such as Branding LaShea, presenter and presenter of digital cooking show

, Because it is easy to use, I prefer to use the RSO route.

LaShea said: “I sometimes prefer to use certain concentrates such as RSO because you can skip the decarboxylation step and add them directly to your favorite formula, which makes the process easy for people who are just starting out. Much."

Make sure to use only concentrates with third-party laboratory test results. You want to be absolutely sure of what is edible.

The key to a good eating experience is to make food move slowly and slowly. This is especially important when dealing with homemade food.

You need some basic information to calculate your approximate dose:

To calculate, use the following formula:

(Weight of concentrate x THC% x 1,000)/number of servings

For example, 0.25 g of a concentrate with 80% THC potency should produce 200 mg of THC: (0.25 x 0.80) x 1,000 = 200.

Then, assuming a uniform distribution (even mixing), distribute 200 mg of THC in 8 servings, and each serving will provide 25 mg of THC.

Make sure you are familiar with the ideal dose. If in doubt, start with a very low dose (between 1-5 mg) and gradually increase the dose.

Before cooking, you need to make sure that your focus is on

. This transforms the non-toxic THCA into the euphoric THC that everyone knows and loves.

Higher temperatures are more likely to eliminate valuable cannabinoids and other compounds, so low carbon and slow decarbonization are usually the best methods.

Taking the concentrate out of the container can be tricky. Ivan recommends using a lighter to melt the concentrate stuck to a metal tool or stick the concentrate in a freezer until it hardens and can be easily removed. "Beware. If you leave it in the refrigerator for too long, it will become like glass and shatter into small pieces all over the place." Ivan warned.

LaShea recommends decarburization for each concentrate, as follows:

Oils with high saturated fat content are the best choice for base oils because they will remain stable and in a liquid state at room temperature. For this purpose, one of my favorite fats is high-quality avocado oil.

Denniston pointed out: "Milk-based butter and animal fat do not provide the same stability and ease of use."

He touted the many benefits of MCT oil. He said: "A unique plant-derived oil is MCT oil, which comes from coconuts, but it does have a high saturated fat content." "It is this saturated fat content that provides both rapid energy and dissolves hemp concentrate The ideal medium for food products. Although many virgin coconut oils do have a coconut flavor, processing MCT oil can remove this flavor."

You have completed most of the hard work of carbon emission and injection. All that remains is to add your infusion to the recipe.

You can add certain types of decarboxylated concentrates (such as crushed, buds, wax) and crumbs directly to high-fat or high-oil foods by crushing them on the cooking pot. Keef can also work this way, although some people may choose to cook Keef in oil before adding it directly to the recipe.

If you are using a concentrated liquid that has been decarburized (such as RSO), you need to add it to the carrier fat and melt until it dissolves, stirring from time to time. LaShea also pointed out that once the concentrate has dissolved, you should not continue cooking.

As long as your recipe is less than 300

F, I am happy to match any dishes as I like.

After eating, be sure to wait 2 hours for the effect to start to work, and then eat again to avoid too high!

Janelle is a writer, artist and cannabis/cannabidiol (CBD) expert. Her work has appeared in various top publications, including Forbes, Rolling Stone, BBC and VICE. She is also the co-founder of The Full Spectrum Revolution, a cannabis publication dedicated to education and lifestyle cannabis content. Follow her on Instagram @jenkhari.

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