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This is how to troubleshoot and repair a running toilet by yourself without having to call a plumber.

Does your toilet keep running or running at strange moments? This is the solution to the problem.

Sometimes the toilet will work. A common problem with your trustworthy throne may develop is that it is always running. The constant flow of water is annoying and a waste of money, and eventually you will have to pay for the next utility bill.

Fortunately, this is usually an easy problem to solve. In this guide, I will list the most probable reasons that cause the toilet to keep running, and I will also explain the first steps that should be taken to resolve and resolve the problem. After a successful solution, you can not only save cash, but also master the ability to encounter the bathroom at any time and anywhere.

Before going to the toilet, be sure to turn off the water source.

The first step is to turn off the water supply to the toilet. Usually, it is a small knob on the wall on the right side of the toilet close to the wall. Turn the knob all the way to the right (clockwise) to close the valve and cut off the water source. vice versa.

Remove the water tank cover and see what happens inside.

Carefully remove the ceramic cover from the top of the water tank. It is very fragile, so be sure to gently lower it to a safe resting position, such as a bath towel. Now, look around. Inside the water tank, you should see all the main components responsible for toilet water control. These are the flush valve, the water injection valve and the water injection pipe.

This is the water control system of the toilet. On the left is the filling valve. On the right are the feeding pipe, baffle and flushing valve.

The filling tube is a hollow plastic cylinder installed vertically at the bottom of the water tank. One end of the pipe is located above the water line of the water tank. The bottom of the baffle is the other end of the filling pipe, which is the baffle. The rubber or silicone sealing ring around the drain will be lifted every time it is flushed.

The purpose of the water filling pipe is to receive water from the water filling valve to refill the water tank after each flush. It is also used as an overflow pipe to prevent water from overflowing the tank. 

As the water level in the water tank decreases, the float in the filling valve also decreases. The lowered float opens the water injection valve and allows the water to be refilled into the water tank. Then, as the float rises again, once the water level reaches the preset level, the water stops flowing.

Sometimes, a malfunctioning toilet flap can cause the toilet to continue to run. If the seal between two uses is not good, the water will gradually drain from the bottom of the water tank, and the toilet will run endlessly to prevent the water from being poured back.

To check whether this is the case, press your finger on the edge of the bezel. If the toilet stops working, your baffle is not properly sealed. Next, record how the baffle is attached to the bottom of the toilet. Take pictures for records, and write down the brand and model of the toilet, because these details will help you find matching replacement parts.

Remove the lid from the toilet fill valve.

The filling valve will also fail over time. Deposits of dirt, debris or mineral scale may cause the valve to open randomly, causing the toilet to run intermittently. A quick way to solve this problem is to purge the valve. My toilet inlet valve is a

Cup model. To rinse, first reach into the water tank with your right hand.

Next, lift the float and place it in your hand. Now, grab the bonnet with your left hand and place your thumb on the bonnet arm. The arm extends from the side of the valve cover. Press the lid while turning it counterclockwise one-eighth turn. Then pull up and the lid should be loosened. 

A quick way to repair your toilet is to flush the water inlet valve.

Place the cup upside down on top of the valve. Re-apply the water completely again. Then, the water will flow through the valve, removing all debris. Proceed for 10 to 15 seconds, then turn off the water. Reverse the previous steps to reinstall the valve cover. This may solve your toilet problem. In my case.

Another filling valve problem is that the float is set too high. This means that the water level in the water tank is above the filling pipe. This causes water to continuously drain into the filling pipe. If water splashes on the bathroom floor, it may also cause water to splash on the bathroom floor.


Remove the valve cover as before to adjust the water level. Next, remove the filler hose from the nipple on the valve stem. Now, turn the valve shaft clockwise to lower the water level. Rotating the valve shaft counterclockwise will raise the water level. 

In some cases, there may not be any cleaning or fiddling methods to secure your toilet. For example, your fill valve may have completely failed. So, your only way is to replace it with

. Compared with the other steps above, this is definitely a more complicated process. Having said that, doing so will greatly increase the service life of your toilet. Moreover, if your toilet is very old, it is likely to use water more efficiently.

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