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As cannabis continues to become legal and easily available cannabis, so do the different ways people enjoy cannabis products. Although even novice users may be accustomed to enjoying THC-infused edible food or draining herbs, many people are surprised to find that concentrated waxes are available.

This wax concentrate (often called wax paste) is not brand new. This method has existed for decades, but it has only recently become popular. In the past, you needed to set up a rag drill similar to a rubber stick to enjoy the fun of wax concentrate.

Today, this is no longer the case.

Has entered the market, making the processing of wax concentrates fast and simple. However, even if you are familiar with traditional oil or dried herbal atomization, crayons can provide a unique experience and method.

We will delve into the functions of crayons and the best way to use them to enjoy your tap!

The most typical feature of crayons is the heating coil. There is a ceramic or metal heating element in a traditional rag drill, called a "rag nail", which can be heated by a blowtorch. After being hot, the desired wax concentrate is applied to generate vapor.

Crayons can simplify this process. When the pen is turned on, the temperature of the internal heating coil rises. Because the coil is small, a standard vape battery can reach the ultra-high temperature required to generate steam.

In addition, unlike the coating drill, the way to apply wax essence after heating the nails is that you can pre-install the wax into the heating chamber. After loading DAB, the experience of e-cigarette is similar to traditional oil vape or dried vanilla vape pen.

The function of crayons is similar to other vape pens. To turn on the power, you usually press the power button five times. When you install the DAB, you will press the power button to provide a burst of energy to the heating coil, which will provide you with the impact of steam.


, You will press the power button five times to turn off the device. After the equipment has cooled down, you will want to remove any wax still remaining in the heating chamber.

The specific functions available on the crayon mainly depend on the crayon model you choose. Despite the differences, you can expect most mainstream crayons to have some of the following standard features:

Most crayons will have preset heating options to enable you to customize your e-cigarette experience. Low temperature will produce less steam but will increase the flavor, while high temperature will produce a more effective flavor with more steam, but the flavor will be less pronounced.

Some crayons provide precise heating options, allowing you to adjust the temperature degree by degree. If you describe yourself as a "flavor chaser" and are determined to find the exact ideal temperature for the wax concentrate, precise heating is a useful option.

High-end crayons may provide an LED display to show the options you choose. For example, if your crayons provide precise heating, it can usually be managed through an LED screen. You can also expect to see the battery level, error codes, and even the number of hits, which may be useful if you use crayons for therapeutic reasons.

Crayons are known for their large number of spare parts, especially heating coils. However, it is not uncommon to find spare batteries, cigarette holders and other small parts.

The term confuses those who have just met, the term "

"A lot of new users will be thrown out. However, both crayons and nectar collectors are battery-powered devices that use wax concentrate to generate steam. The difference lies in their respective designs.

The crayon has a separate heating chamber, and the wax concentrate is placed on the heating coil. The nectar collector has no heating chamber. Instead, their heating coils are exposed at the end of the pen. After heating the coil, place the heating coil directly on the selected wax and inhale the generated steam.

The necator collector is very good at reducing the trouble of using viscous wax. However, you need to use a small plate of wax in a static state, and crayons can allow you to atomize anytime, anywhere. Both provided them with a great experience. All you need to do is decide which experience you like!

The most significant difference between crayons and oil mist pens is the way the substance is heated and the substance used. Pre-installed with oil mist pen

You can choose to inject THC oil. The heating element is built into the toner cartridge, so you just need to connect the toner cartridge to the vape battery and start using it.

On the other hand, crayons usually do not have pre-installed ink cartridges available. Instead, your crayons will have their own heating chamber, heating elements and batteries. You load the wax concentrate into the heating chamber. Compared with using an oil mist pen, it requires several steps, but the whole process is still very simple.

If there is a problem with the heating element in the THC vape oil box, then you can only resort to warranty replacement or purchase a new one. With crayons, you can have more options to maintain your equipment.

The heating element (heating coil) in the crayons needs to be replaced regularly. This is due to the regular contact between the coil and the wax concentrate and the extremely high temperature that the coil is subjected to during the atomization process.

However, since it is desired to replace the coil regularly, most of the coils are easy and inexpensive to replace. It also gives you the option of experimenting with heating coils made of different materials. Depending on the type of crayons used, you may be able to use ceramic, quartz or titanium coils. These materials have their own advantages and disadvantages during the atomization process.

Wax and dried herbal vape pens are more similar to each other than wax and oil vape pens. Like crayons, dry herbal vape pens will have a heating chamber connected to the vape battery. You will not be able to find the pre-installed dry powder cartridge.

However, once you look inside the heating chamber, you will notice a significant difference. Crayons use heating coils, while dry herbal vape pens will have ceramic heating chambers or screens to isolate the dry herbal heating coils.

The reason for this difference is that most dried herbal vape pens use convection heating. Convective heating involves blowing superheated air onto hay to produce steam. However, the temperature is never high enough to cause the danger of burning dry herbs, otherwise smoke will be produced. There are some exceptions. Although some convection pens are more common, some dry herbal pens are intended to be used as burning devices.

The temperature used by crayons and dried herbal pens is very different. Dried herbs will use low temperature to generate steam, and will burn at about 450F. However, 450F is the low end of where the crayons start to generate vapor from the wax of your choice.

You need to decide from a decision even before looking at the crayons selection. For example, do you plan to use the pen while traveling and in public places? If so, you may want to consider using smaller crayons with enclosed heating chambers for easier travel. Do you want an option that avoids clutter as much as possible? Then, the nectar collector may be a good choice for you.

There are also other factors to consider. They include the heating options you want, how much battery capacity you want, and whether you need replacement parts. Once you have a better understanding of what you are looking for, you can start researching different models of crayons to see which crayons are best for your ideal product.

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