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4/20 has long been designated as annual cannabis, and in the post-legalization period, another date on the calendar has gained momentum: "7/10 days" (meaning "oil"). July 10 is also known as "Daba Festival", commemorating cannabis in its purest form. Absorption concentrates, extracts and fats are not a new way of consumption-in fact, it is said to have existed (in some form) as early as the 1940s.

According to Merriam-Webster in the article "Words We Are Watching" in 2018, this is "the act of heating the viscous oil or wax of concentrated THC extracted from cannabis and inhaling the vapor." For novices, The dictionaries alone (from blowing torches, nails and carbon fiber caps to drills, drills and mats) can be very daunting. However, cannabis companies are increasingly designing products to make the whole process more humane, and their reputation deserves less and less.

For those who want it, becoming higher may mean becoming higher. People often criticize that light marijuana in any form is more potent than smoking marijuana. As the popularity and accessibility continue to grow, people have concerns about health. but

As the leading brand of Colorado concentrates and the first company to focus on its eponymous extract series, the company encourages consumption of its products at lower temperatures, "to maximize without causing excessive psychological impact Taste and sensory experience."

Whether you are a concentrate connoisseur or curious about exploring the new world of weeds, High Country is here to break the term* and share a curated list of lightweight discoveries to take your next session to the next level.

Bubble gum is a cannabis concentrate composed of countless trichomes,

Or resinous glands, which have been separated from the plant using ice water, stirring and sieve. Its name comes from the way it blisters when exposed to flames.

: Dadirri extracts strawberry biscuit bubble gum, $39,

High Q

One of the many consistency of established cannabis concentrate

It has a malleable texture and looks and feels like cake frosting. Is not

All buds have the same appearance, which depends on the starting material and extraction method.

: Green Dot Labs blur belly button black label sticky note, 45 dollars,

Root Rx,

The process and the resulting concentrate are extracted from undried or uncured fresh cannabis plant material. This method is used to retain terpenes lost during drying and curing. Due to the high content of terpenes, products extracted using on-site processing methods-frozen hemp plant materials and extracted-are considered the highest quality and most delicious concentrates.

: 710 laboratory banana pie rosin, $60,

: The best day,

Pre-loaded cannabis oil or concentrated oil container, designed for vape pens. The "trolley" comes in many formats, from a 510 threaded small box that can be rotated onto the battery to a magnetically attached small box. Preloaded vape cartridges with ceramic canisters have less risk of not damaging the wick because they do not rely on oil wicks or metal coils to evaporate the oil.

: Willie’s Reserve Redheaded Stranger Carbon Distillate, $65,

: Root Rx,

When heat and pressure are applied to the cannabis plant, the resulting concentrate. Rosin is an ideal technology because its concentration does not require the use of external solvents. It can also be used to convert lower-level hash values ​​into smearable concentration.

710 Labs Persy Sauce, $90,

Best day,

Fragile glass-like cannabis extract, easily broken when used. Crushing is known for its fragility and favored for its ease of handling when tapped. It requires a long and delicate cleaning cycle to properly remove all solvents used in the manufacturing process.

: Green Dot Labs Tahoe OG Shredder, $24.99,

Green Dragon

A term used for any concentrate that has a consistency similar to wet blue sugar. They are not uniform in nature and usually have a color ranging from bright yellow to dark amber. Sugar is also usually enhanced by small THCa crystals, resulting in a more delicate texture and enriching the taste and aroma of the application experience.

Summit Concentrated New York Syrup, $24.95,

Green solution

A cannabis concentrate formed by sieving the wool of a cannabis plant in the presence of ice water. Ice hash (usually called ice water hash, bubble hash or wet sieve)

Usually light, but can also be used to increase the effectiveness of flowers. When smoking, the ice cubes should bubble.

LoCol Love Peach Sorbet Water Hash, $60,

Green union

Heating and pressurizing without additional stirring is the key to premium

wax. This process maximizes the retention of terpenes, flavors and the highest quality final product.

Master Kush Peach Blossom Williams Wax, $30,

This durable medical-grade borosilicate glass equipment is specially designed for water filtration of concentrates. It is hand-made, with strong and reliable performance, and is equipped with a quartz furnace to achieve the best flavor delivery. The heavy-duty drilling rig has gaps in its dispersed valve stems, which can generate fine air bubbles, make suction smooth, and have excellent airflow and air tightness. One hundred eighty

G Pen Roam seamlessly combines design and advanced technology, retaining the experience of traditional embellishment during the journey. Optimized according to user preferences, it can be heated in a few seconds to provide the best flavor. $249.95,

This stylish, smart device unleashes the true power of the concentrate, providing the purest expression of the potency, flavor and effect of the cannabis plant. As one of the most efficient and clean dispensing equipment on the market, it has a very small learning curve. $379.99,

The most effective vaporizer pen and pod combination is also the cleanest. 710 Labs only uses medical-grade materials, and there will be no heavy metals affecting the cannabis concentrate you consume. 710 Labs pods are sold separately (locally sold on the best day of all time) and are formulated with the high terpene content of its proprietary active resin extract. Twenty yuan

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