Hemp Flower and Vape Cartridges Available at Infinite CBD

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September 11, 2020, Lakewood, Colorado (Global News)-

Cannabis flowers and Vape cartridges further expand their range of choices! For both products, Infinite CBD knows that these additions are not only based on customer experience, but also serve people who like to inhale its hemp products. Although the company previously focused on CBD isolation products, hemp flower and Vape filters will be a complement to their entire factory experience-as well as the recently added B12 asteroids and broad-spectrum asteroids.

Infinite CBD's hemp flower launch event showcased 3 unique strains so that customers can experience their experience. These strains are:

Customers can expect these options to be available in 3.5g and 7g quantities. However, the launch will not stop there. 

Vape products in the cannabis industry are very popular. When preparing to launch Vape pens, Vape cartridges and batteries, Infinite CBD made sure to provide something for everyone. Customers can choose natural apricot and orange ginger flavors. What makes their experience even more unique is that these flavor characteristics are derived from natural terpenes. Shoppers can expect:

Infinite CBD continues to set the standard for quality products at affordable prices. As they continue to expand the product line, they urge customers to pay close attention to new flavors, new features and new changes in the coming months.

Lakewood, Colorado

Available formats:

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