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The cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States today, but it is also one of the youngest. In many cases, combining the ever-increasing new demands with strict professional packaging standards is a good way to solve the crisis. In the past 50 years, Thomas Packaging has spent a lot of time and energy to ensure that we become a turnkey solution for packaging products in multiple industries. The production and packaging of hemp is subject to strict scrutiny and must be adapted to the needs of its consumers at the same time. These two elements make the latest EZ Blister machine model a useful solution for a variety of cannabis products.

EZ blister machine is a desktop semi-automatic blister machine. The unit combines high-quality packaging and flexible design features, and is easy to use and low-cost operation. It is the ideal solution for creating entry-level packaging equipment for small and medium batches.

With its expertise in blister design, Thomas Packaging ensures the highest quality packaging. Customers can rely on their years of experience in child-proof and industry-standard packaging.

EZ Blister is designed to hold a variety of products, from tablets and capsules to food, joints, flowers and vape cartridges. This machine has been used for hot-filling gelatin so that soft candies are formed during processing, thereby eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing costs.

It has been proven that blister packs on display are more likely to be purchased than bottled and bagged products. Marketing messages are easier to read and the packaging is more eye-catching.

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